(National Sentinel) Legislative Cowardice: If you were planning on having to face fewer federal regulatory hurdles to obtaining a silencer for your rifle, forget about it because House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin just sided with Hillary Clinton on the issue.

Ryan’s office announced earlier today that the speaker would be indefinitely shelving legislation introduced Jan. 9 that would have decreased the regulatory obstacles to obtaining firearms suppressors.

As Breitbart News reported:

Ryan has now shelved the Hearing Protection Act, which was introduced into Congress on January 9; it is the legislation containing suppressor deregulation. The Act does not legalize suppressors–as they are already legal–rather, it removes the burdensome process for acquiring them and erases the federal tax that must be paid in order to receive permission to possess one.

As the Chicago Tribune tweeted:

According to the Tribune, Ryan said of the legislation “is not scheduled right now. I don’t know when it will be scheduled.”

“After tweeting against suppressors, Hillary Clinton tweeted against the NRA, blaming the group for the Las Vegas attack. Ironically, the legislation that Ryan shelved is backed by the NRA,” Breitbart News reported.

The political cowardice of the GOP establishment is, quite frankly, stunning, but it’s getting to be a regular thing, like a “best practices” or modus operandi for party leaders.

Suppressors are not a problem in America; political cowards within the GOP are a problem. It’s getting to look more and more like the Democrats never really lost any power in D.C., despite losing a ton of elections.

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