(National Sentinel) Political Media: No, the so-called “mainstream media” is not fair, is not unbiased, and has a serious credibility problem when it comes to coverage of President Donald J. Trump and his administration.

Those are the only possible conclusions any reasonable person can make based on the results of a Pew Research Center of Journalism and Media study that has just been released: A content analysis of his first days as president found that 62 percent of media coverage was negative, while just 5 percent was positive.

Contrast that with the early coverage of Obama: 42 percent was positive while just 20 percent was negative

NBC News reported:

Among recent presidents, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush had higher negative than positive coverage early in their administrations, but not nearly to Trump’s degree. Clinton had 28 percent negative coverage and 27 percent positive in 1993, while Bush had 28 percent negative and 22 percent positive in 2001.

Coverage of Trump was primarily focused on “character and leadership” versus policy, according to the Pew Center, a nonprofit based in Washington. The study also showed that only 2 percent of stories from outlets with a right-leaning audience refuted statements made by Trump or his administration, while 15 percent of stories carried by left-leaning outlets questioned the administration.

“It certainly shows that where people turn for news has implications for what they’re hearing about President Trump,” said Amy Mitchell, Pew’s director of journalism research.

Trump has frequently said that most media coverage of him has been negative. Once again, the president is right and his detractors — many of them in the media — are wrong.

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