NFL favorability nearly cut in half after last week’s disgraceful protests

(National SentinelNFL Hell: The politically correct cowards who used to be in charge of the National Football League are now allowing the inmates to run the asylum and in doing so are losing favor with fans quickly, many for good.

In just week’s time, thanks to owners and coaches who have allowed hundreds of players to take a giant shit on the American flag, the country, all its veterans, and the hundreds of thousands who have died protecting their right to be idiots, the league’s favorability has tanked, falling nearly in half, according to the Morning Consult, via The Daily Caller:

NFL’s Brand Favorability Drops To Lowest Point Since Morning Consult Started Tracking: The NFL’s net favorability has dropped from 30% on September 21 to 17% on September 28.

On September 21, 25% of Trump supporters said they had a very favorable view of the NFL and 11% had a very unfavorable view.

As of Sept 28, those numbers have dramatically changed with 33% of Trump supporters say they have a very unfavorable view of the NFL and 16% report having a very favorable view.

To believe this massive drop in favorability, which has been matched by a massive drop in viewership, is due to anything other than these player protests is to have your head so far up your ass you can taste what you had for breakfast.

And yet, that appears to be the current state of NFL ownership and leadership. Because still, at this moment in time, and despite pissing off two-thirds of the league’s audience, owners, coaches, and the league still refuse to do anything to stop players from shitting on our country.

As Rush Limbaugh noted earlier today on his program, this isn’t a sustainable business model for the NFL. We would agree with that assessment.

And much as we’ve loved the game in the past, if the league tanked over these protests, we’d be fine. We would live on with the realization that many things are much more important than football, or any other sport.

Respecting, fighting, and dying for your country is, like, way up there on that list of stuff that’s more important that self-important millionaire athletes who are attempting to draw attention to “social justice” by crapping on the country.


As we’ve said before when you disrespect our flag, you disrespect the entire country, and it shouldn’t take a genius to figure that out.

NFL leadership, which fines players for far less offensive behavior or bans it outright, had better get their heads out of their collective rear ends and take a cue from President Donald J. Trump — stand up for the country, not disrespectful players — if you want to save your league.

By the way, Trump’s favorability numbers are up, in case you missed it.

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D Pike
D Pike

Please pass along to LeBron James, that before he decides to grace us all, with any more of his highly self regarded opinions, that many of us might be done with the NBA too


I never had any use for the NBA, a useless game as far as I was concerned. I rate the NFL the same now.

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