(National Sentinel) Lunatic Fringe: You have to give Rep. Maxine Waters some credit: At least she’s persistent.

During a weekend appearance on MSNBC — where else? — Waters told host Joy Reid President Donald J. Trump “is the most deplorable person I have ever met, seen or witnessed,” and that he ought to now be impeached in part for his comments regarding the disrespect some NFL players are showing the American flag and National Anthem, the American Mirror reported.

“It is absolutely outrageous and dangerous what he’s doing,” Waters declared, referring to the president’s call for a boycott of the league.

Yes, because football is vital to national security.

“He started dog-whistling to that constituency during the campaign and started his division,” she said, in yet another tired, well-worn, and incorrect reference to former top advisor Steve Bannon being a racist bigot and all, along with every single white supporter of the president.

“They frighten people. They play into racism. They do what every other president either has attempted not to do, or at least showed some signs of, uh, you know, trying to bring people together, or not divide,” she said.

“He is about division. He is about signaling to that core group of his that this country that he wants to make great again is all about making it white,” she continued. “And we’ve got to get ready for impeachment,” Waters added, clapping her hands.

Yada, yada, yada. Wash, rinse, repeat. Hey, are we sure Maxine’s Trump obsession isn’t racism? A black woman who hates the president because he’s a white man? Because if the roles were reversed, that’s what she’d be claiming.

Anyway, the only frightening thing in this equation is the fact that voters keep sending Mad Maxine back to Washington. And as for the “division” she speaks of, the reality is it really began during Obama’s tenure, not Trump’s.

As for her now-regular appearances on the Trump-hating “news” networks, well, she’s always good for some presidential-bashing which is red meat to those journalists and their viewers, so she’s going to stick with that schtick and ride the wave as far as it will take her.

Maxine ought to feel lucky that being deplorable isn’t an impeachable offense for members of Congress.

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