(National Sentinel) Healthcare Reform: Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Republicans who once universally voted (several times) to repeal Obamacare are now refusing to do so, consigning the latest legislative effort to the ash heap.

If you’re beginning to think that the GOP is incapable of governing, don’t fall into that trap. The GOP is refusing to govern. Or, at least, too many of them are.

As Politico reports, the latest effort to repeal major swaths of Obamacare contained in legislation proposed by Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Bill Cassidy, R-La., won’t even make it to the floor for a vote because three Republican liars are refusing to sign on.

Who are they, you ask? Great question. They are:

Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who is still so pissed off that Trump dissed him about his Vietnam POW status that he’ll take his Trump hate to the grave with him — which probably isn’t going to be long now, given his aggressive brain cancer. [Sorry; we didn’t want to go there, but McCain is receiving excellent, paid-for care thanks to taxpayers subsidizing his fantastic government insurance while the rest of us pay an extra mortgage every month just to buy shitty coverage that comes with a massive deductible.]

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, because the proposal doesn’t rip Obamacare out by its roots. Hey, Dr. Paul, you of medicinal education and background, are you saying that applying federalism principles to Obamacare via block grants to states so they can decide how best to spend the money is not worth supporting — even as your colleagues continue to wade through mountains of Obamacare red tape and pay exorbitant compliance costs? The bill would have ditched the employer and individual mandates as well, and ended the tax on medical devices, which everybody (except Democrats) used to want.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, who isn’t happy with the fact that her state, under the bill, might lose a dollar of taxpayer funding so she’s going to ensure that any “repeal” legislation continues to be so expensive it bursts an already bursting national debt, now well over $20 trillion. Our grandkids and great-grandkids, whose lives will be destroyed for a generation when the debt implodes, thank you, Susan. We’re sure they’d much rather live in poverty than in the lap of luxury like you.

Meanwhile, the Congressional Budget Office says the Graham-Cassidy bill would lower the debt by $133 billion, the Free Beacon notes.

Oh, and Dennis Smith, senior adviser for Medicaid and health care reform for the Arkansas Department of Human Services said the legislation would stabilize the health care marketplace [meaning an end to the massive rate hikes] by combining Medicaid populations with younger, healthier individuals. You know, so there was that.

But no. We can’t have any of these benefits because three Republican liars who one voted universally to repeal Obamacare now are finding any reason they can to not support repeal.

With any luck, Alabama voters will begin the nationwide process of replacing RINOs, liars, and establishment types via the primary process when they vote for Judge Roy Moore over former lobbyist and incumbant GOP Sen. Luther Strange in today’s election.

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