(National Sentinel) Healthcare Reform: The latest effort to repeal portions of Obamacare and reform other aspects of healthcare law and policy is meeting resistance again from Republican holdouts who continuing finding reasons not to vote in favor legislation they once universally supported.

That said, Republican leaders in the Senate are looking at changes to a bill co-sponsored by GOP Sens. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and David Cassidy of Louisiana in the hopes that they may win enough backing from Republican holdouts to finally pass.

As reported by Newsmax:

The changes would give more federal funding to the states represented by Sens. John McCain (Arizona), Rand Paul (Kentucky) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska.) All three states would have seen a decline in federal dollars in the original version of the bill.

The opposition would likely have sunk the bill as first written.

The measure abolishes a large portion of President Obama’s signature healthcare “reform” law. In addition to sacking the individual and employer mandate to purchase health insurance, the bill sends federal tax dollars earmarked for healthcare to states, along with decision-making power as to how those dollars are spent.

President Donald J. Trump is holding out hope that the last-ditch effort is successful before the end of the legislative session Sept. 30.

Republicans in the House, however, are already lining up to opposed the measure. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has said he opposed the bill because it does not repeal enough of Obamacare.

The president has said that voters will hold congressional Republicans responsible if they don’t pass healthcare reform and at least a partial repeal of Obamacare’s expensive, restrictive mandates.


He may be right, and we may be about to find out. Populist voter revolt is driving the insurgent candidacy of Judge Roy Moore in Alabama, who is presenting a serious challenged to incumbent U.S. Sen. Luther Strange.

Trump campaigned for Strange on Friday, but instead of giving the GOP Establishment favorite a full-throated endorsement, he said he “might have made a mistake” in supporting him.

Should the GOP fail in a core promise to deal a death blow to Obamacare, more Republicans are certain to face tough primaries that many will likely lose.

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