(National Sentinel) Healthcare Hell: As tens of millions of Americans struggle monthly to afford skyrocketing premiums for health insurance that carries deductibles so high it’s really just coverage in name only, two more Republican senators have already stepped forward to say they won’t support the current effort to repeal parts of the law that gave us all higher premiums and deductibles.

Sens. Rand Paul and John McCain, both of whom have excellent, low-cost coverage thanks to taxpayer subsidies have said they won’t vote for a bill being offered by Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Bill Cassidy, R-La., because…well, just because.

“We should not be content to pass healthcare legislation on a party-line basis,” said McCain, who is apparently content to use his last days on the planet to do what he can to ensure he sticks it to President Donald J. Trump — and as many of the rest of us as possible.

Why’s that, John? That’s how the Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act to begin with. And you promised for years to vote for repeal.

Besides, the Democrats don’t want to ‘negotiate’ a better bill to replace Obamacare. They don’t want to replace Obamacare with anything other than full-on government control of all healthcare. You know; socialized medicine, which is what that hypocritical loon Bernie Sanders is proposing.

Meanwhile, there’s Paul, whose refusal to support the Graham-Cassidy bill is not just appalling but insulting as well. He’s ticked because the bill retains too much federal spending on healthcare.

Well, gee whiz, Rand. There never was and probably never will be any proposals to do away with Medicare and Medicaid, so no matter what kind of Obamacare repeal bill passes, government spending on healthcare will continue, and it will expensive.

At least this legislation sends money to states, and let’s them decide how best to use it. How to make it stretch. How to make spending much more efficient. You know, Rand…federalism and all that?

Plus, the Graham-Cassidy bill gets rid of the employer mandate, the individual mandate, and the least popular tax of all — the one on medical devices.

So while these two clowns continue to posture for political objectives that are unreachable and unrealistic in the current political makeup of Congress, the bill will once again go down in defeat, and Americans will continue to be economically raped every month by a flawed law that Democrats all along hoped would lead to exactly what Sanders is proposing.

All, of course, while both of these men get well-subsidized medical coverage and care, thanks to We the People who are made to suffer.

We can’t think of a more stellar example of why Trump is now president and that establishment criminal Hillary Clinton is not than this disgraceful effort to screw an entire nation out of a better, less expensive health care system.

Nobody gets everything they want in legislation, but there has to be a starting point to wresting away as much Washington control over our health care as possible, and this bill would have begun the process.

But once again, it’s Republicans who are standing in the way of the process. Unbelievable.

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