(National Sentinel) Energy Crisis: In coordinated filings, several cities in California have filed suit against five major oil companies over their “alleged” role in causing “climate change,” in a legal bid that, if successful, will lead to the extortion of hundreds of billions of dollars and sky-high energy prices for all Americans, not just the idiots living in the most insanely-governed state in the country.

As reported by Breitbart News, city attorneys in San Francisco and Oakland filed their actions Wednesday, arguing that courts should hold the oil firms responsible for what is literally a hoax. The cities want courts to force oil companies to financially compensate the cities for harm the plaintiffs claim those companies are causing to the planet’s environment.

Breitbart noted further:

The two cities are suing five of the top petroleum companies from around the world: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobile, and Royal Dutch Shell. These local municipalities are suing them under California law for being a public nuisance.

The lawsuits use virtually identical language, like accusing the oil companies with language such as, “For decades, Defendants have known that their fossil fuels pose risks of ‘severe’ and ‘catastrophic’ impacts on the global climate through the works and warnings of their own scientists or through their trade association.”

The cities’ complaints impugn the worst possible motives to the oil companies, comparing their actions to a sustained “propaganda campaign to deceive the public” to encourage “fuel consumption at levels that (as Defendants knew) [were] certain to severely harm the public.”

It wasn’t clear if the attorneys drove a combustable engine vehicle to the courthouse to file their cases. If so, or if anyone working for either city is guilty of driving a combustable engine automobile at any point in their lives, perhaps the oil companies can counter-sue them for aiding and abetting the planet’s destruction.

Obviously the cities are filing their cases in deep blue California, where most courts are stuffed with insanely liberal judges who are sure to rule in their favor. As such, Breitbart notes, the oil companies should take a different legal tact:

One immediate step the oil companies could take is to remove these lawsuits to federal court. They could invoke a federal district court’s “diversity jurisdiction” under 28 U.S.C. § 1332 because the plaintiffs are from different states or nations than all of the defendants and the amount being sued for exceeds $75,000.

Such a move would take any appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit where critics would fear the chances of a leftwing outcome, but would also preserve the option that the final word on this case would ultimately come from the U.S. Supreme Court instead of the California Supreme Court.

Hundreds of years from now historians will look back at the United States with bewilderment and wonder how the greatest country on the planet could so willingly self-destruct.

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