(National Sentinel) The Swamp: In a stunning example of tone deafness and hypocrisy, the head of Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is accusing the Trump administration of not being transparent after she was caught during her tenure using a secret email account to conduct official business out of the public’s view.

As reported by The Washington Times, former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson lashed out at President Donald J. Trump’s administration for destroying the credibility of her agency by being “non-transparent.”

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Jackson, who has taken her hypocrisy with her to Apple, where she is now a senior executive, lashed out at Trump EPA chief Scott Pruitt, specifically, accusing him of betraying what she said was a decades-long bipartisan commitment.

“EPA’s been run by Democrats and by Republicans, but it’s never, in its history, 40-plus years old, been run by someone who seems to be determined to do the one thing that could destroy its credibility, which is to make it non-transparent,” she said. “Every EPA administrator has committed to trying to regulate transparently, and we don’t have that commitment anymore.”

Needless to say, Richard Winsor — sorry, that was the name Jackson used for her secret ‘official’ EPA email account — did not specify what, exactly, had changed at Pruitt’s EPA, policy-wise, that has led to reduced transparency.

And by the way, there was nothing “bipartisan” about any agency under Barack Obama. EPA under Jackson — like the Justice Department under Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch — was a haven for Left-wing activism. Republican and conservative ideals were neither wanted nor sought.

Speaking of Windsor-Jackson’s email, she even once pretended to be her own assistant in order to fool a would-be emailer, the Times reminds us.

Also this:

Meanwhile, she and other top lieutenants regularly used personal email to correspond with environmental groups about government business, apparently hoping to keep it beyond the reach of open-records laws.


The researcher, Chris Horner, who discovered her Richard Winsor account scoffed at her complaints about ‘transparency.’

“This is the lady most famous for a false identity, who used a private Verizon email account under her real name for correspondence with Sierra Club and ‘green jobs’ lobbyists,” he told the paper.

Only an ex-official in the Obama administration, the least-transparent in modern history, could say something like this about another administration with a straight face. How do these people sleep at night?

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