(National Sentinel) Immigration Reform: The Trump administration has doubled the rate of denial for DACA applicants, indicating there was already a push on to take a harder line against so-called “Dreamers” before President Donald J. Trump announced an end to the program.

As reported by The Washington Times, 32 percent of applications for DACA status filed between April and June were rejected, which is about double the 16 percent rejection rate by the Obama administration.

The Times reported:

Analysts said the increase is evidence that Mr. Trump’s get-tough approach is having an effect at all levels of Homeland Security, including the officers at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services who rule on applications for legal immigration benefits such as green cards, citizenship and DACA, the Obama-era deportation amnesty.

“I think the pro-enforcement message from the Trump administration is finally trickling down to the field supervisors and line employees at USCIS,” said Matthew J. O’Brien, a former official at the agency, who is now research director at the Federation for American Immigration Reform. “That would account for a portion of the higher rate of denials.”

It could also be that the Trump administration is simply scrutinizing DACA applications correctly, denying status to those who legitimately do not qualify.

The Times noted further:

O’Brien said the numbers could signal that USCIS is conducting more stringent checks on documents, criminal records and immigration history than it did under President Obama, when adjudicators were under pressure to approve as many applications as possible and sometimes missed red flags.


O’Brien also said the big change wasn’t a rise in the sheer number of denials, which have remained steady, but rather a drop in the total number of applications approved.

Either way, this is further evidence the president is keeping his campaign pledge regarding the enforcement of our immigration laws.

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