(National Sentinel) Institutions of Marxism: Left-wing college and university professors and administrators are continuing to successfully transform American students into would-be authoritarians.

As reported by Breitbart News, one-fifth — 20 percent — of all college students say they support the use of violence to shut down political and cultural speech they disagree with,  according to a new survey:

Motivated by what he calls the “narrowing window of permissible topics” on campus, Brookings Institute Fellow and UCLA Professor John Villasenor set out to uncover exactly how college students felt about the right to free expression on campus. His findings were somewhat shocking.

In a survey of 1,500 current American college students by the Brookings Institute, 44 percent of respondents said that they don’t believe hate speech is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. According to the survey, women are more likely to believe that hate speech is not protected by the Constitution, with 49 percent of female respondents claiming that the First Amendment does not protect hate speech as opposed to 38 percent of male respondents.

In addition he found that 62 percent of Left-wing students said it should be permissible to shout down speakers with opposing views, compared to 39 percent of Right-leaning students.

As for the 20 percent who said it’s okay to use violence to shut down speech, they answered affirmatively to this question: “A student group opposed to the speaker uses violence to prevent the speaker from speaking. Do you agree or disagree that the student group’s actions are acceptable?”

Another 53 percent of respondents claimed that they would prefer their campus to restrict speech that can be considered “offensive or biased against certain groups of people.”

As has been the case in past surveys that asked similar questions and produced similar findings, what’s missing is a determination of just who gets to decide what is and is not “offensive or biased” to which groups. Herein lies the problem with attempts to restrict any speech, as our founders knew and understood: Anyone can be offended by anything; restricting speech, even if based on consensus, is still restricting speech, which is dangerous and will eventually lead to wider restrictions and outright bans.


And let’s face it, what these kids are being taught to oppose isn’t “speech” per se, it’s conservative speech, values, mores, and ideals.

Many of these young people will become our next generation of leaders, and those who don’t lead will vote their philosophy.

But there is some good news: The belief that speech should be violently opposed is not at all pervasive among college students, as The Atlantic points out.

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