(National Sentinel) Political Justice: A third figure who was identified in a now-infamous but wholly discredited “dossier” on Team Trump financed by Democrats and Democratic operatives is filing a slander suit.

As the Washington Times reports, Carter Page, a former low-level Trump campaign associate acting as his own lawyer, filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan against Yahoo News and HuffPost (formerly The Huffington Post) through owner Oath Inc.

The Times reported further:

Mr. Page, an energy investor who does business in Russia and lived in Moscow for a time, charges that the two news outlets libeled him by repeating dossier accusations that he met two Kremlin figures in July 2016 and tried to negotiate an end to U.S. sanctions.

The false charges, he says, brought him “irreparable damage” and subjected him to voicemail death threats. He seeks $75,000 in damages.

Previously, a Russian tech entrepreneur and Russian bank owners filed defamation lawsuits against news outlets that posted the dossier.

Since the discredited dossier was produced and published, Page has steadfastly denied ever having such a meeting, even providing his denial to FBI agents (it’s a crime to lie to an FBI agent, by the way).

More from the Times:

Glenn R. Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal reporter turned liberal opposition researcher, circulated the dossier during the campaign to a number of news sites. Financed by a Hillary Clinton backer, the document was produced in sequential memos by former British spy Christopher Steele, who relied principally on paid Kremlin sources.

By September last year, the first significant dossier-based article appeared in Yahoo News by Michael Isikoff, who has produced a number of Washington scoops over several decades. The story told of Mr. Carter’s supposed illicit meetings in Moscow, where he had traveled that summer to give a public speech to a university.


Yahoo News did not quote the dossier as its source, but instead cited intelligence sources. The actual source was the Democratic-paid Mr. Steele, who briefed a number a liberal media sites at the behest of Mr. Simpson and his Fusion GPS intelligence firm.

The Yahoo story set off a firestorm. HuffPost published follow-up articles. The Clinton campaign issued press releases on how Mr. Carter was part of Trump-Russia collusion. The Clinton camp attacked Mr. Carter on TV and radio.

This needs to happen. It’s about time responsible parties that helped create the phony “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative were held to account.

Now, someone needs to find a way to make the politically motivated “special prosecutor” investigation led by Robert Mueller go away. This story is just more proof the whole thing is bogus.

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