(National Sentinel) Master of Disaster: In the past two weeks, Texas and Florida have been struck by historically large hurricanes — Harvey hit the Lone Star State and Irma raked the Sunshine State.

In the lead-up to both making landfall, the news media was all abuzz about how the storms would be President Donald J. Trump’s ‘first big test’ in handling disaster.

Since then, there has been almost no major media coverage of the Trump administration’s response.

Have you wondered why?

That’s easy: Because the Trump Team has responded like a boss, and most legacy media pinheads were just hoping he would muff it.

If you remember 2005’s Hurricane Katrina and the admittedly poor response by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (and some local officials also shared blame), you may recall that the legacy media was typically brutal in its treatment of then-President George W. Bush — the same man who masterfully responded to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, an arguably much more serious national emergency (because acts of war usually are) just a few years earlier.

If Trump’s response to either storm was similarly botched, we would be hearing and reading about it 24-7 for the next several weeks. Left-wing pundits would heap blame and pontificate mightily about what a POS loser Trump is. Legacy media would pile on with emergency response “expert after expert” all saying that if Trump wasn’t such a loser, his response would have been better.

But we’re not hearing that or reading that. Rather, what little we have heard has been positive, as we have documented.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said early on that criticism of the president wanting to visit Texas very shortly after Harvey blew through were unfounded and ill-timed.

“Obviously, you know, when the president comes, he comes with a team,” Patrick said. “But I will say this, and I’d say it’s down to politics in all of this. But for anyone to criticize the president or anyone else, this is not the time. First of all, he has really been on top of this with Gov. Abbott, I can tell you.

“The president has approached this as a businessman and gone into action. Gov. Abbott has been in control,” he added. “We’re doing everything we can. So when the president comes, the president comes.”

When Trump made the gracious decision to donate $1 million of his own money to hurricane relief efforts, even Fox News‘ reliably liberal voice, Geraldo Rivera, not only defended Trump’s generosity but his disaster response.

“In this case, I certainly take him and Melania at their word. I’m glad they went to Texas, I’m glad they’re going back to Texas. And the fact that he’s pledging a million bucks, just congratulate him for his compassion rather than view something, an act of such kindness with a slanted view,” Rivera said, adding:

Having covered Katrina … it was obvious the federal government was doing nothing. FEMA was totally dysfunctional. From everything I can see … there is profound and very satisfying coordination between the federal government, state government, and the local governments. By and large this has been a coordinated, very admirable every professional relief effort.

But obviously, since the president mastered these disasters, the #nevertrump media won’t dare mention it.

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