(National Sentinel) Racial Tensions: Just. Wow.

The Associated Press is reporting that persons of color who inhabit the French territory of the island of St. Martin are angry over their belief that white tourists are getting precedence in evacuations:

The anger over perceived discrimination exposes underlying racial tensions that have long plagued France’s far-flung former colonies – especially its Caribbean territories, where most of the population identifies as black and is poorer than the white minority.

St. Martin resident Johana Soudiagom was disturbed to find herself among a tiny handful of non-whites evacuated on a boat to nearby Guadeloupe after Hurricane Irma ravaged her island.

“It’s selective. Excuse me, but we saw only mainlanders,” she told Guadeloupe 1ere television, visibly shaken. “That’s a way of saying, ‘I’m sorry, only whites. There are only whites on the boat.'”

Excuse us, but as the AP went onto report, evacuating tourists from disaster areas has long been standard practice all over the world. And why? Because tourists are there with fewer resources of their own, while inhabitants not only have more resources for the most part, they are also much more familiar with emergency systems in place to deal with natural and man-made disasters.

“The natural catastrophe occurred in a place that’s very vulnerable socially, where there is a population of many different skin colors and a history of slavery,” Michel Giraud, a French researcher who writes on race, told the AP. “Of course there will be a perception of racism.”

EXCUSE us, but there’s no recent or even semi-recent ‘history of slavery’ — on St. Martin or anywhere else for that matter. And as far as that “perception of racism,” the fact is if you look for racism under every rock expecting to find it, you will.

The frail, pathetic, and historically inaccurate excuses being given to support those who believe this “racism in rescue” narrative is derived from their preconceived notion that bigotry exists in everything, everywhere, and in everyone — even when standard operating procedures are followed.

What a sad, pitiful existence their lives must be.

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