(National Sentinel) Politics: “Moderate” Republican Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania isn’t running for reelection next year. Why? Because, he says, of his own party’s contributions to “ideological rigidity” and “dysfunction” in Washington.

That gives the GOP another seat to defend in 2018, and that has a number of party leaders worried as other retirements are expected as well.

Let’s decode Dent’s language here before getting into the reason why Republican Party leaders still don’t have a clue as to why they’re reviled.

— “Moderate Republican” really means Dent’s a RINO. They use words like “moderate” and “centrist” to mask the fact that they’re not conservatives, which is what the Republican Party used to stand for exclusively.

— Speaking of conservatives, that’s what Dent is referring to when he uses the phrase “ideological rigidity.” Never mind that in today’s political world there is no such animal as a “moderate Democrat.” They’re all so far to the Left of Che Gueverra they would make him blush. And you notice how RINOs like Dent never complain about the “ideological rigidity” of Democrats.

We’re not really sure what Dent’s bitching about, either, considering that in the age of Trump, there is no such thing as Republican “ideological rigidity,” at least not in his administration. Trump’s been adamant about one thing: Making America great again, and he’s committed to doing anything and everything he can to pursue that goal, that agenda. As his former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, told “60 Minutes” this past weekend, that kind of “economic nationalism” raises all Americans up, regardless of race, creed, ethnicity or party affiliation.

That said, more Americans have elected conservative Republicans to office than they’ve elected far-Left Democrats, so even in this vein, Dent gets it completely wrong about the kind of country America is already.

read-here-first-FO-160x600One of the Republican Party’s biggest problems in modern history is that too many of its members are RINOs — Republicans In Name Only who vote more often with Democrats than they do with their own party. So even when the GOP has majorities in both chambers of Congress, Democratic policies win. It’s frustrating as hell for conservatives and Trump supporters to see our own party incapable of governing like a real majority should.

The Democrats, when they have majorities, don’t have any problems with “ideological rigidity” or “dysfunction.” They are of singular mind when it comes to advancing radical progressivism.

If the Republican Party would advocate and then advance an America-first conservative agenda 24/7/365, they could govern as a majority for the next century. Maybe permanently.

How do we know this? Because if the majority of electoral districts were uber-Left wing, then Democrats, and not Republicans, would be in the majority now.

Republicans, not Democrats, would have lost more than 900 elected seats during Barack Obama’s tenure.

So losing RINOs like Dent — who was critical of Trump’s travel ban for people living in terrorism-infested shit holes — is a good thing for the party. And frankly, the GOP candidate that runs for his seat should embrace Trump’s economic nationalism like a boss; he or she will win hands-down.

If that’s “ideological rigidity,” so be it. But that’s what Americans want, and we’re pretty sure that’s true in Dent’s district, which Trump won by nearly 10 percent.

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