(National Sentinel) Injustice: A liberal trial attorney in Texas has proven once again why  lawyers are about as popular as the plague.

As reported by the Washington Times, trial attorney Rob Ranco, of The Carson Law Firm tweeted out he would “be ok” if Education Secretary Betsy DeVos were sexually assaulted.

“I’m not wishing for it… but I’d be ok if #BetsyDevos was sexually assaulted,” this disgusting POS tweeted out Friday.

“Perhaps Betsy doesn’t understand how horrible rape is,” Mr. Ranco said in another tweet. “She’s made the world more dangerous for my daughters. I need her to understand.”

“Make the world more dangerous for my daughters — intentionally — and your well being is not my concern,” he continued. “Full stop.”

DeVos’ ‘crime?’ Rolling back Obama-era Title IX guidances compelling colleges and universities to curtail due process protections for students accused of sexual assault.

Why? Because as with everything Obama did, the rules only made things worse for victims, not better, as The Weekly Standard points out:

Eight months into the Trump administration, a long-awaited campaign to unwind Obama’s legacy on Title IX appears to have begun in earnest. Early Thursday afternoon in a speech at George Mason University, Betsy DeVos condemned the Obama administration’s 2011 “Dear Colleague Letter,” that has had an insidious influence on the adjudication of sexual assault cases on college campuses.

She vowed on Thursday to begin transparent public notice and comment, kicking off the standard regulatory process the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights avoided six years ago. Following the formal process to replace the framework the DCL created will take more than a year. It will be worth the wait to legitimize a lasting solution, one that can’t be undone by a successor’s pen.

“This unraveling of justice is shameful, it is wholly un-American, and it is anathema to the system of self-governance to which the Founders pledged their lives over 240 years ago,” DeVos declared. The way forward begins with “reframing,” or reconsidering the underlying challenges. Confusion over degrees of consent and what “sexual misconduct” actually means have only muddied already complicated cases.

Adds Reason:

In a major speech assailing the deprivation of due process protections under the Obama administration, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will vow to rein in the federal guidance compelling colleges to adjudicate sexual assault disputes between students.


“The era of ‘rule by letter’ is over,” her speech says, referencing the Obama-era Education Department’s infamous “Dear Colleague” letter, which fundamentally changed the way schools handle sexual misconduct issues. “Through intimidation and coercion, the failed system has clearly pushed schools to overreach.”

Don’t lawyers love due process? Oh, that’s right. Left-wing lawyers only do when it’s beneficial to them and their clients. Otherwise some of them, like Ranco, want government officials who seek to ensure American citizens get their due process rights guaranteed by the Constitution brutally raped.

In case you were wondering what a piece of shit looks like, it’s this:

DeVos isn’t trying to get your daughters assaulted, ass face, she’s trying to make sure that they don’t have their rights violated by a politically correct and questionably legal dictate from a Left-wing hack like Obama. Lawyer much?

Nothing DeVos wants to change warrants this kind of vile, personal attack, but most Americans have come to expect them from bottom-feeding scumbags like this.

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