(National Sentinel) Politics Unusual: The White House on Friday said that President Donald J. Trump isn’t concerned about butthurt Republicans over his “deal” with Democrats to secure funds for hurricane relief and to extend the debt ceiling for another three months.

“The biggest message is we are a lot less focused on what makes Congress happy and [instead on] what makes Americans better and stronger,” said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, as the Washington Times reported. “He’s going to continue working with whoever is interested in moving the ball forward to help the American people.”

Sanders added that the president’s deal-making abilities are large part of why Americans elected him.

“The president’s focus was doing what is best for the American people. And that’s why he’s the president,” she said. “People wanted somebody to be a leader. They wanted someone who was going to step up and take action, and that’s exactly what the president did.”

Several Republicans — some of the same ones who refuse to get over the fact that he kicked establishment GOP ass last year and, thus, have been working to undermine him and his agenda — were taken aback by the deal.


They shouldn’t have been, considering the president has been warning them for months he would work with Democrats if his own party continued to treat him like a red-headed step-child. And as if to emphasize the point, 90 Republicans voted against the $15.25 billion aid package including four from Texas.

None of this is to suggest that Democrats will have their way with Trump moving forward, either.

After some early stumbles, Trump is proving himself a worthy adversary in Washington. That’s going to really work out well for we the people.

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