(National Sentinel) DACA Wars: Well, you had to know that once President Donald J. Trump decided he would keep his campaign promise and end President Obama’s very illegal, very unconstitutional DACA program, which was essentially executive amnesty for nearly 1 million young illegal immigrants, someone was going to sue.

Because that’s really how we govern in America today — not through Congress or the Executive Branch, through the courts.

Anyway, the day has arrived: Former Obama DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, the woman who implemented Obama’s unconstitutional program, filed suit on behalf of the University of California, which she runs (no surprise there, either).

As reported by the Washington Times:

The woman who created the 2012 deportation amnesty for Dreamers filed a lawsuit Friday protesting the Trump administration’s move to phase out the program, saying the decision was done on President Trump’s executive “whim.”

Janet Napolitano, who as President Obama’s Homeland Security secretary created the DACA program, is now the president of the University of California, and is leading the school system’s lawsuit demanding the program be reinstated.

She said her school system stands to lose money and the chance to educate some of its 4,000 illegal immigrant students, as well as perhaps having to let go its illegal immigrant staff.

“We really support out DACA students and part of the reason we’re filing this lawsuit it to help protect their rights,” Ms. Napolitano said.

Frankly, taxpayers should sue the University of California — for using federal funds to help educate people who aren’t even citizens and aren’t in the country legally.

Or perhaps she should be sued by the parents of students who are paying their kids’ tuition to U-Cal, for wasting what will be millions of dollars in a fruitless attempt to impose its will on the rest of the country.

A federal court has already ruled a similar Obama, DAPA, was unconstitutional, meaning that the DACA program, then, was implemented illegally. Ten states have filed suit to stop it and were threatening to continue their suit if Trump didn’t do the right thing and end DACA. The Trump Justice Department decided it would lose in court if it attempted to defend DACA.

So what makes Napolitano think she’ll win?

By the way, “our schools will lose money” was the same lame excuse used by California, Washington, other states when they filed suit against Trump’s travel bans. While that case remains unresolved, it’s not likely that a Left-wing university’s bottom line will trump (sorry — we had to) a president’s lawful authority to limit whomever he chooses from entering the U.S.

Leftists don’t give a damn about the Constitution unless it serves their narrow political interests. If they don’t win at the ballot box, they seek to impose their will through illegal rule making or the courts. Whatever it takes to achieve “victory,” even if it means completely destroying the country in the process.

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