(National Sentinel) Political Warfare: This column is no holds barred, so if you’re sensitive to raw language, it’s probably best you not read it.

Like a bad penny — or that smell you experience when you walk into a house full of cats — Hillary Clinton just won’t go away.

read-here-first-FO-160x600The twice-failed Democratic presidential contender and head of household during her philandering husband’s presidency has “written” a new book titled, “What Happened,” which she attempts to pathetically assign blame to everyone else but herself for losing the 2016 election to a guy who, just a couple of years ago, was flinging people out of a wrestling ring and firing dickheads and criminals on his top-rated show, “The Apprentice.”

Her loss was Bernie Sanders’ fault. It was James Comey’s fault. It was Russian collusion that did her in. The DNC didn’t give her enough money. It was Facebook. It was misogyny.  It was Twitter bots. It was little green men from some distant planet. And about a dozen other things.

Hey, Hillary, let me clue you in on why you really lost: Because you’re the most pathetic, corrupt, and disgusting bitch who has ever darkened the American political scene and, considering your competition, that’s saying something. That you’re now blaming everyone and anyone else for your loss is tantamount to this truth.

What’s more, your incessant bitching about your loss months after everyone else on the planet would have fucking gotten over it is so over-the-top that your own piece of shit party is now beginning to disown you.

You’re like dogshit on the bottom of their shoes; you stink, and no matter how hard they try to rub you off, you cling like glue. They can’t get rid of you, and sadly, neither can the rest of us.

I’m fairly certain that the “dumbest son-of-a-bitch” award this year should go to the editor at Simon & Schuster, Clinton’s publisher, for agreeing to put out her latest screed. The last one, “Hard Choices,” was a cut-and-paste, ghostwritten piece of shit that didn’t sell well, though a number of books lambasting the most crooked politician ever have done just fine.

Which brings me to this point: Clinton shouldn’t even be able to breathe free air to contract out a new book; she should be in a fucking courtroom right now having to defend her guilty ass from a pile of charges all related to her use of a private email server so she could hide the fact that she was fleecing foreign governments for Clinton Foundation cash. That former FBI Director James Comey is one of the people she blames for her election loss would be funny as hell if it wasn’t so utterly contemptible, considering he’s the dishonest deep state prick who refused to do his job and recommend she be charged for violating just about every national security statute on the books.

Granted, another dishonest POS, Loretta Lynch, probably wasn’t going to charge Clinton anyway because Democrats suck and because their boss, Barry Obama, was just about as corrupt as Clinton. Nevertheless, most Americans expected more and should have gotten it.

So it’s just a little maddening to hear this whiny piece of shit bitch and moan about losing an election when the reason why she lost is because she’s Hillary Clinton.

As for her latest book, if you’re like me, you are insulted not simply by the fact that Clinton blames everyone else for her loss, but because she actually thinks we give a fuck what she has to say about anything at this point. Just when the country believes it has moved on from the nightmare that was the Clintons, here comes one of them – again — to remind us just how fucking stupid we were to have ever put them on the national stage to begin with.

Hillary, whoever keeps telling you that you’re relevant and that America cannot get along without you — Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, or some fucking little voice whispering in your head – stop listening to them. They’re full of shit.

And if this is just you being you as part of your usual self-absorbed, self-important existence, I’d like to do you the favor of providing sage, frank advice: Don’t go away mad, Hillary, just go away.

And feel damned lucky you’re not getting hammered by some chick named Steve in the slammer, you dishonest, crooked bitch.

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