(National Sentinel) Climate Hysteria: And the most idiotic thing a Hollywood star can possibly say about Hurricane Irma goes to…Jennifer Lawrence.

In a stunning display of naiveté and ignorance, J-Law is now blaming the hurricanes that are descending upon America not on natural order but on President Donald J. Trump.

As reported by Breitbart News:

Appearing on British network Channel 4 to discuss her new horror film, mother!, Lawrence was asked about the sort of “end-of-days feeling” in America.

“You know, it’s this new language that’s forming. I don’t even recognize it,” the actress said. “It’s also scary to know that climate change is due to human activity, and we continue to ignore it, and the only voice that we really have is through voting.”

When the reporter mentioned that Americans did vote,  Lawrence replied saying “it was really startling” when Trump was elected.

She then actually suggested that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are the Earth’s reaction to the election of Donald Trump:

“You know, you’re watching these hurricanes now, and it’s really hard, especially while promoting this movie, not to feel Mother Nature’s rage and wrath,” Lawrence said.

Opening up about the “really polarizing and upsetting” nature of politics in the U.S., the 27-year-old star said: “You know, I’ve heard things and seen things on TV in my own country that devastate me and make me sick, and it’s just really confusing.”


Likewise, J-Law, likewise. And for us, most of the sick and confusing stuff we hear is coming out of New York City and California from gullible entertainment types like you.

But hey, this is America, and we have the First Amendment; if you want to worship at the Church of Global Warming and Climate Change, be our guest.

Just don’t try to turn your religion into public policy. And for Gaia’s sake, stop blaming Trump for weather. That’s just idiotic.

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