(National Sentinel) Political Discourse: Yes, that gut feeling of yours that says it sure seems like we’ve become a nation incapable of civil political discourse is spot-on.

As reported by CBS Los Angeles, a new study has found that in California at least, violent confrontations over political differences have risen dramatically in the age of President Donald J. Trump:

The director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at Cal State San Bernardino told the joint session of the state legislature last week that violent political confrontations are rising in California by nearly double.

And since it’s a California university, you probably already know who’s going to get the blame, don’t you?

Yes, that gut of yours is spot-on again: Trump and his legion of white nationalist, KKK-loving, neo-Nazi supporters:

“We are seeing more of these mega rallies of white nationalists in the last two years than in the previous ten to twenty nationally,” said study author Brian Levin.

Of course, you are.

But wait. CBSLA.com notes some examples:

The America First rally in Laguna Beach last month ended in violence.

Then there was the Make America Great Again rally in Huntington Beach where masked Antifa members clashed with Trump supporters.

And in Anaheim the KKK rally last year nearly turned deadly.

“Antifa members clashed with Trump supporters?” Clashed? They showed up specifically to attack Trump supporters. And of course, you just had to get that KKK rally lumped in with legitimate Trump-related demonstrations, didn’t you, CBS Los Angeles, you dishonest bastards.

Outdoor GearNot too many people who voted for Trump support the KKK or neo-Nazi white supremacists — that’s just a fact. But they nevertheless do have a constitutional right to demonstrate and speak, and without having to worry about getting beat down by a bunch of Left-wing terrorist thugs, like it or not. And you don’t have to like it, but you do have to let them demonstrate.

As for the other two rallies, video footage a-plenty is available showing that Antifa shitheads showed up armed and ready to start violence with rally supporters. So who’s most at fault, Mr. Levin?

And anyway, even the Obama administration thought Antifa was a domestic terrorist organization, which doesn’t explain why the FBI didn’t start arresting those little pricks months ago.

Oh, that’s right…because they were beating up Trump supporters and it was Obama’s FBI. Got it.

We don’t need a “study” to know two things about the current era of political violence: 1) it’s definitely on the rise; and 2) the Alt-Left is most responsible for it.

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