(National Sentinel) Presidential Leadership: This column is no holds barred, so if you’re sensitive to raw language, it’s probably best you not read it.

I despise the Democratic Party because it is replete with pricks like this, but sometimes you gotta do a deal with the devil to make the point to others that you’re not fucking around anymore — you’re trying to work for the people.

The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that Republicans are stunned – stunned! — that Trump made a deal with Democratic leaders on a three-month debt ceiling extension that includes emergency funding for Hurricane Harvey (and, soon no doubt, Hurricane Irma) victims.

The paper noted:

President Donald Trump stunned Republicans on Wednesday when he overrode pleas from GOP congressional leaders and sided with Democrats on a proposal to attach emergency aid for Hurricane Harvey victims to measures to keep the government funded and its borrowing limit suspended until mid-December.

Mr. Trump’s decision to strike a deal with Democrats upended the partisan alliances that have long set the boundaries of congressional policy-making, opening up new possibilities for bipartisan deal-making if Democrats can again persuade Mr. Trump to bypass Republican leaders.

For months, Mr. Trump had suggested that he might work with Democrats if Republicans couldn’t advance his legislative priorities, but he always pulled back at the last minute. The Republican president’s move Wednesday raised questions about whether he will now turn to Democrats to reach deals on tax reform and immigration.

The paper went onto claim that the Democrat deal-making is only likely to further “inflame” Trump’s relationship with Republican leaders, noting that earlier, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., called Democrats’ proposal to combine Harvey aid and a three-month debt limit increase “ridiculous” and “unworkable.”

Memo to Ryan: The president just told you and that other hapless bag of wind Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to go suck a big one.

McConnell tried to play it off with reporters, telling them that Trump can “speak for himself” and that his decision to go with the Democrats’ three-month extension rather than the GOP’s 6-month extension was meant “to not create a picture of divisiveness at a time of genuine national crisis.”

Whatever. This was Trump giving the piece of shit GOP leadership — which has worked against him since he took office — the middle finger.

For seven years these ass wipes have promised, promised, promised to get rid of the Worst. Fucking. Law. Ever. — Obamacare — and when voters finally gave the GOP all they needed in controlling the House, Senate, and the White House, they refused. Thanks to those lying bitch RINOs, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska – both of whom supported Obamacare repeal-and-replace when they fucking knew Obama wouldn’t sign it — suddenly claimed their conscience wouldn’t let them support repeal-and-replace for real because a small percentage of their constituents might lose coverage.

Never mind that tens of millions of Americans are essentially being forced to pay for a second mortgage for shitty “coverage” that comes with deductibles so high they’d have to get hit by a fucking piano falling out of a building before it pays anything.

Meanwhile, those two hypocrite scumbags continue getting taxpayer-subsidized insurance coverage and favored treatment status at any DC-area hospital. They have great coverage, so fuck the rest of us who are struggling.

And remember Trump’s skinny budget proposal? The man’s trying to salvage what’s left of our economy and save the country from total collapse thanks to decades of irresponsible, profligate spending and ‘kick the can down the road’ policymaking, only to have that asswipe John “Trump Hurt My Feelings” McCain piss all over it and declare it “dead on arrival.”

Well, fuck us, John, right? I mean, what the hell? Let’s just take the Democrats’ position and spend the country into oblivion while you and the rest of your ass-clown colleagues pad your own pocketbooks and feather your own nests making back-room deals with corporate donors who will be sure to make your life comfortable until you take your last miserable breath.

Meanwhile, the national debt you’ve helped raise is spiraling out of control — but you don’t give a fuck because you’ve got yours and besides, paying off someone else’s debt is what the “little people” are for, right? Asshole.

And let’s not forget that #nevertrump Republicans like those sanctimonious pricks Ben Sasse and Jeff Flake have been oozing up to every camera and microphone they could find to sling as much shit as they possibly could at a president who’s trying to enact the very same policies those dickheads claimed they’ve been trying to enact for years. Remember, Trump’s Cabinet has been rated the most conservative since even before Reagan, for fuck’s sake. But no. You can’t let a man who kicked GOP establishment ass in the primaries, then beat the most corrupt bitch on the planet in the main event, accomplish a goddamned thing, can you?

To anyone who understands Trump, his decision to tell ‘his party’ to go fuck themselves was inevitable. And frankly, I predict that the American people will reward him for telling the most hapless GOP cadre in modern history to eat shit and die if they continue to refuse to help him accomplish their agenda, while they exact voter revenge on obstinate, sniping, pissant Republican establishment types at the soonest ballot. That won’t mean Democrats will win a majority again, but I could see lots of brand-new Republican faces in the years ahead.

In any event, these pricks can be “stunned” all they want. Trump just showed them the back of his hand, and it was sweet to watch.

Maybe it will help, and maybe not, but Trump seems to have decided that he and not Republican leaders who are part of a Congress that is less popular than herpes has the upper hand in this relationship. And he aims to exploit it.

Like he’s done all his life, he is following the adage, “Lead, follow, or get the fuck out of the way.” The GOP Establishment Class would do well to help him lead, which is what the fuck they were given majorities to do.

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