(National Sentinel) Privacy Alert: The Trump administration is still settling in but will soon have to deal with a slew of projects begun under the previous administration that are dubious in nature and constitutionally questionable

One of them, apparently, is an initiative to place “socially” interactive robots in public schools so they can gather “mental health data” on kids.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, this appears to be a privacy disaster in the making:

The National Science Foundation is spending over $1 million to build a “friendly social robot” that will gather mental health information on high school students.

The agency awarded the University of Washington $1,067,001 to develop a robot named “EMAR” that researchers hope will be able to “inform decision-making” of administrators at public high schools in the state.

“This award supports project EMAR (Ecological Momentary Assessment Robot), a timely interdisciplinary project that will research, develop, and deploy a user-friendly social robot that gathers teen mental health data in a public high school setting,” the grant for the project states.

Now, why does the Department of Education need to be in the business of gathering mental health data? Well, because “investigating the interactions between teens and robots has been largely overlooked,” say researchers involved in the project.

“Such an investigation is needed since adolescents are very likely to have long-lasting relationships with robots in the future at work, in the classroom, and at home,” the grant states. “It [is] also needed especially since adolescents constitute a vulnerable population that is negatively affected by stress and mental health issues, and since there are well-established difficulties in gathering accurate, useful, mental health data from teens in their natural environment with digital surveys and experience sampling using static data collection tools including computers, tablets, and smart phones.”

So by all means, let’s use a robot to spy on our kids instead. Who’s getting all this personal data? What exactly is it going to be used for? And who will have access to it?

If you’re as sick and tired as we are of pointy-headed Left-wing academics using the public school system as a giant petri dish and our kids as lab rats, it’s time to take our schools back. You can start with your own local school board.

We should be far more concerned with the fact that too many are graduating without an ability to read and comprehend, complete basic math, or understand science rather than how they’ll ‘get along’ with a robot. They’ll figure it out on their own.

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