(National Sentinel) Cultural Divide: The Democratic Party has become so divisive, so over-the-top with its social gerrymandering, so closed-minded, and so overly possessive of personal wealth that it’s led to a historic surge in Republican control of states.

In fact, as The Daily Signal notes, tens of thousands of Americans migrate out of blue states and into red states every month:

Republicans now control the governorship and legislature in 26 states and conservative leaders say this trend continues to grow in Republicans’ favor.

“Over the last seven years since we have covered state legislatures and state executives pretty extensively, there’s been a significant shift from Democratic-controlled state governments to Republican,” Geoff Pallay, editor in chief at Ballotpedia, a website focused on elections, told The Daily Signal.

“Whatever happened in 2010 has remained,” he said. [Barack Obama happened; a Democrat majority in Congress happened — and we got Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, massive regulations and social engineering.]

“So in 2010, there were 12 Republican governors elected who took over for Democrat governors as their predecessor. And then in 2014, 11 of those 12 won re-election. So the party didn’t change. So whatever the wave was in 2010 didn’t recede in 2014,” Pallay said.

Even West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced last month he was switching from Democrat to Republican.

Steve Moore, a visiting fellow at the Project for Economic Growth at The Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Signal that party control is determining the economic health of states.

“People are leaving blue states. Blue states are losing their political clout because people are leaving blue states,” he said.

“This is every day … roughly a thousand people every day leave blue states and move to red states, so that’s a big migration over a decade. … That’s like 4 million people over a decade … leaving New York and Connecticut and Illinois and Michigan and even California … and other states. People are voting with their feet against liberalism,” he added.

To be sure, blue states are liable to only get bluer, and vice versa for red states, especially as our political divide grows wider and wider. We’re self-segregating, in other words, based on massive differences in political ideology.

After all, when your side attacks football and seeks to ban it as a sport, you’re just not going to win many converts.

Reasonable people can disagree, but increasingly we’re becoming less reasonable with each other.

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