(National Sentinel) Nuclear Attack: North Korea’s latest underground nuclear test may well have advanced Pyongyang’s ability to strike the United States with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon capable of destroying the entire electric grid — for months.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, following the test North Korean media, which is completely controlled by the government, revealed plans to use space-based EMP weapons in addition to ground nuclear attacks to subdue enemies.

The site noted further:

The official communist party newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, published a report Monday on “the EMP might of nuclear weapons,” outlining an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack produced by detonating a nuclear warhead in space.

“In general, the strong electromagnetic pulse generated from nuclear bomb explosions between 30 kilometers and 100 kilometers [18.6 miles and 62 miles] above the ground can severely impair electronic devices, electric machines, and electromagnetic grids, or destroy electric cables and safety devices,” said the article authored by Kim Songwon, dean of Kim Chaek University of Technology in Pyongyang.

“The discovery of the electromagnetic pulse as a source of high yield in the high-altitude nuclear explosion test process has given it recognition as an important strike method,” he wrote.

Some experts have dismissed the threat of an EMP strike, including arms control advocate Jeffrey Lewis, who in April dismissed the threat of an EMP attack by laughing at a reporter’s question. “This is the favorite nightmare scenario of a small group of very dedicated people,” he told NPR.

However, former CIA Director James Woolsey and Dr. Peter V. Pry have warned that North Korea could launch such attacks via a pair of satellites the country launched in April 2012 and February 2016 respectively.

“The EMP Commission has officially been warning about those satellites especially now that the (intelligence) community admits that North Korea can miniaturize warheads,” Pry said in a radio interview last month.

“Our argument all along has been that they could make weapons small enough to put on those satellites that pass over the United States on the optimum trajectory for an EMP attack on North America.

“And they would obviously be a basis for a surprise EMP attack if North Korea wants to commit aggression against South Korea. Or to blackmail us if we were going to intervene to deliver on our security guarantees for Japan, South Korea or the Pacific,” he added.

Both men warned in a March column that an EMP attack would destroy most of the U.S. power grid and kill as many as 90 percent of all Americans within a year.

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