(National Sentinel) America First: President Donald J. Trump’s commitment to the enforcement of all immigration laws is having exactly the effect he promised it would: To help “Make America Great Again” for its own citizens.

As reported by Politico, as the administration squeezed off visas, summer employers were hiring more Americans to fill empty slots:

President Donald Trump’s harsh criticism of immigration programs and Congress’ refusal to lift a cap on work visas meant many seasonal businesses had to hire American this summer — and pay their workers more.

So, not only are more Americans working, but they’re making more money as well. Shouldn’t that please both conservatives who back Trump’s #MAGA policies and liberals who have been urging protests in demand for higher wages?

Then Politico dropped this truth bomb — that this new reality does indeed cut both ways:

That’s good news for Trump, for U.S. workers, and for supporters of Trump’s “American First” agenda, but business groups complain that increased spending on wages will ultimately cost jobs and sap company profits. Across the country, enterprises ranging from oyster shuckers to landscapers say they were forced to give up contracts and forgo revenue because they just couldn’t find enough workers to do the jobs this summer. 

Said one business owner who had to hire American workers: “Raising wages is good in theory, until you put it into practice.”

Wait — you mean having to pay artificially higher wages can lead to – gulp – business closures and lost jobs?

There are all kinds of economics lessons here for anyone willing to learn them.

First and foremost, demand should drive markets, not government rules and regulations.  But also, markets and industries should be free to decide how best to respond to that demand without being forced into an economic model that is unsustainable.

As the president and his administration continue to do radical things like enforcing immigration law, markets and industries will naturally adjust to the new labor realities. Those who based their business model on an unsustainable condition — a limitless pool of unskilled labor they could consistently under-pay — will make the necessary business adjustments or go out of business. That’s the way it’s always been, and attempting to claim this is a new phenomenon while blaming it on Trump and his enforcement approach to immigration laws is neither fair nor valid.

Anytime Americans are considered and hired ahead of foreign workers and illegal aliens when there are Americans available for those jobs, that’s a good thing, even if Alt-Left #nevertrump fanatics don’t think so.

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