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Stupidity: Georgia teacher compared Trump’s “MAGA” slogan to Nazis

(National SentinelUncivil Society: Leftists from around the country are continuing their war on sanity, incessantly pushing the false narrative that everything associated with President Donald J. Trump is akin to Nazis.

The latest absurdity is tied to the actions of a teacher in Georgia who ordered — ordered, mind you — students out of class for wearing Trump “Make America Great Again” paraphernalia, comparing MAGA gear to the Nazi swastika.

As reported by Fox News‘ Todd Starnes:

The incident happened Aug. 31 at River Ridge High School in Cherokee County — north of Atlanta - and it was all captured on video.

Turning Point News first obtained the exclusive video and it shows the teacher explaining to students that they could not wear pro-Trump clothing “just like you cannot wear a swastika to school.”

The video also shows the teacher doubling down on her argument that the kids have to leave the classroom because the shirts say “Make America Great Again.”

“The Neo-Nazis…I’m not saying about Trump, but the slogan,” the teacher said.

First of all, as Starnes goes on to point out, the far-Left has taken over American primary education and is now more interested in brainwashing our children rather than educating them to become future members and contributors to society, steeped in American cultural traditions and history and ready to uphold and defend our constitutional values.

Secondly, we’re pretty sick and tired of teachers who think they somehow “own” the domains in which they “teach.” Public school classrooms are just that — public — and they are owned by taxpayers, not self-important teachers pushing a political agenda. What parents choose to allow their children to wear to school is in no way up to teachers and school administrators, within reason of course.


But in recent years teachers have banned kids from wearing shirts with American flags on “Cinco de Mayo;” they have banned kids from wearing hoodies; they have banned kids from wearing ‘offensive team logos‘ (whatever those are); and so on.

Banning attire on the basis of a self-imposed, and demonstrably false Left-wing narrative — “I believe Trump is a Nazi, therefore he must be”- is ludicrous. And wrong.

Where does it end? Does it ever end?

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1 Comment on Stupidity: Georgia teacher compared Trump’s “MAGA” slogan to Nazis

  1. Brad Scofield // September 4, 2021 at 10:44 pm // Reply

    This is all the result of the fears of timid cowardly squeamish wimpy-assed J men who are shakin’ in their boots at the thought of America kicking their asses from here to Timbuktu. So great is that fear, so neurotic are these people, that they are enabling a self-fulfilling prophecy whereby they are gonna make those fears a reality by all the trouble they are causing to ward off potential events. This is how stupid a people they really are. SOOOOOOO stupid !!
    Keep it up, you dumbbells. You’re aggravating the wrong people when you try and interfere in America’s goings-on. See, we know it’s YOU. Time’s up, chowderheads.

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