(National Sentinel) Immigration Reform: President Donald J. Trump has long struggled with what to do about former President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program, or DACA, otherwise known as “Dreamers” — keep the program in place, which would violate a campaign pledge, or end it, which would violate his conscience.

On Thursday reports surfaced that the president had decided to fulfill his campaign promise to end a program that even Obama said repeatedly he had no authority to implement. Those reports, which we covered, said Trump would make the announcement sometime Friday.

Now, a group of conservatives in the House is attempting to throw Trump a legislative life raft: They are set to introduce a bill that would allow the president to have it both ways — get rid of DACA while fulfilling his pledge to about 800,000 dreamers that he would “work something out.”

As reported by McClatchy D.C.:

Conservative lawmakers led by Thom Tillis are crafting a bill they call the conservative Dream Act that would provide a path to permanent residency to people brought here illegally as children, offering President Donald Trump an escape hatch on one of his most vexing immigration challenges.

The legislation creates an avenue for Trump to both fulfill a campaign promise to end an Obama-era program known as DACA while yielding to what appears to be his personal desire to let these immigrants remain in the country.

“Who cares about DACA if there’s a Dream Act,” said a Republican involved with the policy negotiations and aware of Tillis’ plan.

Previous reports noted that while Trump is planning to end DACA, he would still allow those already in the country on work permits to keep them until they expire. This new bill, however, gives him the political victory of keeping a campaign pledge while also allowing a more humanitarian solution for young people brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents:

The proposal would grant high school graduates without a serious criminal record conditional immigration status for a five-year period. During that time, if they earn a higher-education degree, serve in the military or stay employed, they could apply for permanent residency and, eventually, citizenship.

red-alert-FO-160x600About 2.5 million Dreamers would be eligible.

“It really is the conservative dreamer bill,” said a congressional source familiar with the plan.

Daniel Keylin, a spokesman for Tillis, confirmed that the North Carolina senator is working with Republican colleagues on “fair, but rigorous” legislation that will address “the long-term uncertainty facing undocumented minors.”

“Regardless of the policy itself, DACA is an executive overreach that sets immigration policy through executive order instead of the proper channel – Congress,” Keylin said. “It’s highly unlikely that DACA will survive a legal challenge, and it’s the responsibility of Congress, not the President, to offer a long-term legislative fix.”

Presidents have to make tough decisions, and it’s clear this one was anything but easy for the president. Tillis’ legislation, however, fixes the problem for almost everyone one involved and gives Trump an opportunity for a legislative and policy victory that is humane.

Obama should have never implemented DACA in the first place because as Keylin said, presidents don’t make laws, they implement them. That said, the parents of these Dreamer children bear the most responsibility.

That said, the parents of these Dreamer children bear the most responsibility.

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