(National Sentinel) Executive Branch: As the political and media establishment go out of their way to impede President Donald J. Trump’s presidency and then complain about how “chaotic” it is, another president in recent times suffered similar chaos, low approval ratings and a string of legislative defeats.

His name was Bill Clinton.

As noted by The Daily Caller, Clinton’s first year in office was such a dismal failure that Time magazine devoted a June 1993 cover story to it. And his Democratic Party even controlled Congress.

Time reported:

But Clinton’s narrow victory is the only bright spot in a presidency that has been beset since its inception by miscalculations and self-inflicted wounds. Clinton, in fact, was still stumbling from the missteps of the preceding week. His balmy decision to have his hair trimmed on Air Force One by a Beverly Hills coiffeur put the presidential scalp in national headlines, while a cronyism scandal in the White House travel office pitted Clinton’s staff against the Justice Department. Later Secretary of State Warren Christopher had to telephone news organizations to contradict a speech by a top aide who had stated in public what many had been saying in private for weeks: under Clinton, the U.S. was retreating from leadership in the world.

Screenshot from Time Magazine http://content.time.com/time/magazine/0,9263,7601930607,00.html

“Reports of chaos, confusion, and infighting seem to leak out of the West Wing on a daily basis. The president is his own worst enemy, easily distracted, obsessed with minutiae, and uninterested in instilling much order in his administration, the Atlantic wrote a month earlier. “His staffers, many of them young, don’t really know the ropes, and it shows.”

And, as The DC noted, the Clinton administration became engulfed in scandal, which resulted in the appointment of an independent counsel, Ken Starr:

Clinton ran as an outsider with no federal experience and as the governor of a southern state that ranked 48 among 50 states in poverty. His obvious lack of experience became his downfall in his first year in office, as his presidency became engulfed in scandals and legislative failures.


Clinton scandals seemed to be unending. An early one called “Travelgate” occurred after the first couple fired career employees who ran the White House travel office and replaced them with political cronies, including the president’s third cousin.


Another scandal developed when Clinton decided to “sell the Lincoln bedroom.” He and his chief fundraiser, Terry McAuliffe — now Virginia’s governor — hatched a plan to “rent” the historic lodging and to sell White House breakfasts, lunches or coffee to woo big donors. More than 800 millionaires took him up on the offer.

If you believe the polls — and there’s no reason to, given how wrong they were in predicting a Hillary Clinton victory last November — Trump’s approval rating is anywhere from 35-40 percent. Clinton’s was around 36 percent at a couple of points during his first year.

He went on to achieve some legislative success — with a Republican Congress — and was fairly popular when he left office eight years later, despite the endless scandals (Troopergate, Whitewater, Travelgate, just to name a few). But his first year was filled with the same kind of amateur mistakes that have plagued Trump.

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