(National Sentinel) Left-wing Tyranny: Officials in San Francisco just proved beyond any doubt claims that Left-wingers are the authoritarians, not conservatives or President Donald J. Trump.

San Fran officials hailed a decision by Joey Gibson, the leader of Patriot Prayer, to cancel a free speech rally out of fears that Alt-Left thugs with Antifa would violently accost anyone who tried to attend and show support.

As reported by Breitbart News, San Fran officials issued Gibson a permit, then did all they could to sabotage the event and ensure that violence would indeed erupt — but from the Left, not rally-goers:

Mayor Ed Lee praised counter-demonstrators who had marched across the city, as well as those who marched near the designated site for the protest. “They made sure the themes of love and compassion dominated over hate speech,” he said at City Hall, according to SFGate.com.

Bay Area public radio station KQED reported that leaders in San Francisco and Alameda counties — where a similar rally was denied a permit in Berkeley — had used “a series of legal maneuvers and bureaucratic red tape.”

They were assisted in their efforts by threats of violence from so-called “anti-fascist” activists, or “Antifa,” who openly preach violence as a way to stop speech — not just “hate speech,” but conservative speech in general.

Mayor Lee labeled the right-wing protests as violent in advance, telling a rally Friday: “[T]hey have a message that we don’t believe in — a message of hate. … That message can easily translate into violence.”

Gibson correctly blamed Lee and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who represents San Francisco, for inciting violence by incorrectly labeling his organization a “white supremacist” hate group.

“Right now, this is victory,” San Francisco Antifa protest organizer Benjamin Sierra told the Associated Press. “They did not have enough gumption to do what they set out to do.”

“At the end of the day I had to make [the] decision [to cancel the rally] because it just felt like it was a set up — the way everything was set up,” Gibson said from an undisclosed location where he spoke with a handful of reporters on Saturday.

“All these random people mixed together — I just felt like it was going to be a huge riot,” Gibson said, adding that the police had fenced off Crissy Field, where the group had a permit to hold the rally,  and would only let about 50 people inside the perimeter, Breitbart News said in a separate report. From there, police ensured that the admission of others into the rally would have had to pass by Antifa counter-protesters that would be allowed to gather outside the fence barrier.

So there you have it: Alt-Left speech Nazis are alive and well in many parts of California, especially the “tolerant, inclusive” city of San Francisco. Now they get to decide, arbitrarily of course, who can — and cannot — take full advantage of the Constitution’s First Amendment.

How far we’ve come from the days of our founding, when those early patriots fought to preserve and protect all speech and expression, even if it “offended” people or wasn’t particularly popular.

If you haven’t figured out by now what life in America would be like if these authoritarians ever gain control over the entire country, here’s a perfect example.

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