(National Sentinel) Political Abuse: Without question, former President Barack Obama heavily politicized the Justice Department, the federal courts and the nation’s intelligence apparatus, unleashing Left-wing sycophants on opponents throughout his tenure.

read-here-first-FO-160x600In the final year of his presidency, he turned the full weight of these weaponized agencies against the campaign of then-GOP nominee Donald J. Trump, as has been well-documented.

However, the only one under serious investigation for alleged political chicanery is the Trump administration, and Circa News‘ Sara Carter — who has done yeoman’s work documenting Obama’s political abuses — wonders why his former administration is not under Congress’ microscope.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Carter said she believes Congress needs to launch an investigation into Obama-era unmasking and warrantless surveillance of Americans — which was unprecedented.

The site reported:

She was one of the first reporters to reveal Obama administration political espionage, and unprecedented unmasking and surveillance of Americans by using the national security apparatus. The Obama administration loosened the privacy protections for innocent Americans in 2011 – including accessing information from priests, attorney/client relationships, and doctors, she said.

The administration scoured Americans’ private conversations “at an exponential rate,” she said. From 2011 to January 2017, the unmasking increased over 300 percent. She also revealed the Obama administration was accessing emails at a rate of one out of every 20 Americans, an incredible 5 percent of citizens.

With reauthorization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) reauthorization before Congress, Carter believes Congress needs a full investigation into the unmasking that she has revealed.

She believes Congress should subpoena Obama officials Susan Rice, Samantha Power and John Brennan as well as understand who was unmasked, why and what they were looking for, as she does not think it was national security-related.

Carter, whose “beat” is national security, said she hasn’t seen an iota of evidence — no “fire” — implicating Trump campaign “collusion” with Russia to “steal the election” from Hillary Clinton. She did say that because of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in June 2016, after she promised Russian government-supplied dirt on Clinton, indicated there was at least some “smoke” surrounding the allegations.

And she also dropped this: There is “evidence of money changing hands with Hillary Clinton’s team and the Russians,” via the Clinton Foundation. She also said she believes that investigation is ongoing.

The Daily Caller:

Carter also revealed in this video interview what she is hearing from within the FBI about the politicized Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who has long standing animus against Michael Flynn and others.

Carter told TheDCNF during the interview the concern about many insiders who are working against Trump’s policies and plans, some of whom supported Hillary Clinton or Obama. Some Trump officials, surprisingly enough, are even boasting publicly of thwarting Trump’s agenda.

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