(National Sentinel) Deep State Politics: President Donald J. Trump is, without question, the most undermined chief executive in modern history. And now, a new effort is underway to undermine him even further.

read-here-first-FO-160x600As reported by Breitbart News, former advisor to George W. Bush, Peter Wehner, a #neverTrump RINO, is now calling for Republican operatives and officials to form a “shadow government” to wall Trump off from power:

Writing in the New York Times, of course, Wehner declares “what’s required now is a comprehensive, consistent case by Republican leaders at the state and national levels that signals their opposition to the moral ugliness and intellectual incoherence of Mr. Trump.”

Well. That stings.

“Rather than standing by the president, they should consider themselves liberated and offer a constructive, humane and appealing alternative to him,” Wehner writes in his “Sunday Review” column. “They need to think in terms of a shadow government during the Trump era, with the elevation of alternative leaders on a range of matters.”

And here we thought Republicans were the “alternative leaders,” given Washington’s absurd Alt-Left, big government liberalism which has been the driving force behind the formation of “the swamp” Republicans used to want to drain as well.

Wehner added that “this approach involves risk and may not work” and predicts it will provoke “an angry response” from the “Breitbart-alt-right-talk-radio part of the party.”

Uh, you can bet on that, Peter.

“So be it,” Wehner continues, adding that “Republicans who don’t share Mr. Trump’s approach have to hope that his imploding presidency has created an opening to offer a profoundly different vision of America, one that is based on opportunity, openness, mobility and inclusion.”

This is Wehner saying the same thing to Trump’s legion of supporters the other RINOs have been saying since voters gave them control over all legislative branches of government: “F you.”

Now, this Bush sycophant is calling for a “new intellectual infrastructure to address what may prove to be one of the largest economic disruptions in history” and implores “people in positions of influence” to “appeal to moral idealism.”

This guy even sounds like a Left-wing progressive, doesn’t he?

He then wrote he believes “confrontation is inevitable” and urges anti-Trump Republicans to go all-in because “half-measures and fainthearted opposition are certain to fail.”

Breitbart News reported further:

Using the tired threat that every establishment “pundit” reflexively spews when the Republican establishment does not get what they want on issues like amnesty for illegal immigrants and other corporatist or neoconservative policies, Wehner warns that if Republicans do not “make a clean break with” Trump, “it will be generational.”

Wehner—the insufferable elitist who also bashed Tea Party conservatives nearly every chance he got during President Barack Obama’s tenure to enable the legacy media to use him as their go-to useful moron—never mentions that his establishment Republicans friends in Congress and former boss George W. Bush lost blue-collar Reagan Democrats, young voters, people of color, and the conservative base with their oh-so-brilliant neoconservative foreign policy agenda, crony capitalism and excessive spending at home that turned Washington into the nation’s boomtown, and support for policies like No Child Left Behind and comprehensive amnesty legislation.

Months after Trump’s victory, these clowns still don’t understand how Trump won and, more importantly, why Trump won: Americans are sick of the establishment wing of both parties and saw Trump as their best hope in generations to reverse course, kick out the globalists, and reclaim America for Americans.

We have never seen anything like this — since Ronald Reagan, anyway. That the Republican establishment would be plotting so desperately to undermine one of the party’s own presidents just proves how out of touch these elitists are with their voters.

It’s beyond insulting and pathetic. It’s damn near treasonous.

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