(National Sentinel) Politics of Hypocrisy: A number of U.S. companies took the cowards way after President Donald J. Trump rightly condemned Alt-Right and Alt-Left groups for the violence in Charlottesville, making public statements condemning the president while claiming to stand against ‘racism’ and ‘bigotry.’

Only, as one Iran watchdog points out, many of the same companies are rushing to do business with Tehran, despite the regime’s long history of being racist bigots. As reported by the Washington Free Beacon:

Major U.S. companies such as airplane manufacturer Boeing, General Electric, and industrial company Caterpillar all issued public statements distancing themselves from President Donald Trump over what they viewed as his failure to adequately condemn the recent riots in Charlottesville, where far-right white nationalists and neo-Nazis clashed with leftist counter-protestors.

While each company was quick to distance itself from the Trump administration and condemn the open racism and bigotry on display in Charlottesville, all three of the corporations continue to do business with Iran, an openly anti-Semitic regime that threatens to murder Jewish people and endorses leading racists such as David Duke.

All of these corporations also have refused to sign on to pledges to refrain from doing business with Iran due to the regime’s pursuit of nuclear arms and continued sponsorship of terrorism, including operations targeting U.S. forces.

The failure of these companies to shun business with Iran has prompted criticism by United Against Nuclear Iran, or UANI, a prominent watchdog organization working to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

“While Boeing, General Electric and other companies should be commended for immediately denouncing the events of Charlottesville, it also shines light on their decision to do business with Iran,” David Ibsen, UANI’s executive director, told the Washington Free Beacon in a statement.

“The regime in Tehran is a leading state sponsor of terror, and has deliberately advanced anti-Semitism and hate, while oppressing their own citizens including on the basis of sexual orientation. These companies should immediately sign our Iran Business Declaration and immediately pledge to cease all business with Iran.”

This kind of political hypocrisy is, of course, nothing new, and there isn’t much chance the CEOs who run these companies are going to stop being cowards anytime soon. But by outing these people we do a service to a president and let him know in no uncertain terms we appreciate his courage to call things as they are, while demonstrating how much more of a man he is than the CEOs he has bested.

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