(National Sentinel) National Security: Almost no one in Congress wants to fund the border wall President Donald J. Trump promised throughout his campaign — a pledge that was among a core set of promises that got Trump elected.

Arctic Monsoon CampingThe wall was a mandate to Congress from voters, but the bought-and-paid-for lawmakers on both sides of the aisle would rather cater to corporate donors in love with cheap labor than do what’s actually right for the country.

Well, it may be that they’ll wind up funding Trump’s border wall despite their lack of desire to do so, according to Rep. Steve King, R-Texas, who explained how it’ll go down on Fox News‘ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“During the commercial break, I tried to think [who] I know personally in Washington who support a border wall, I got to five, total, that would include you and the president,” Carlson said. “I’m including employees at the White House.

“Almost nobody here supports a border wall, the country does. Washington doesn’t,” he continued. “How are you gonna get it done when so few here support it?”


Well, I think their lack of conviction that’s been demonstrated in the past will manifest itself in this little battle, Tucker, I say that with a little bit of sarcasm in my voice, but if you remember, there was a government shutdown in 2013.

It was over a principle of not funding the the unconstitutional Obamacare legislature that was there. And the president shut the country down, and he closed down our national monuments, and made it as difficult as possible for the American people.

And eventually, Congress caved in on a principle constitutional principle, I might add.

King then noted that Americans may wind up actually getting what they want this time around.

“[T]his is a mandate that came from the American people,” he continued. “The mandate says, ‘build the wall,’ the president says he’s going to build a wall, if he vetoes an appropriation bill because it lacks funding for the wall, $1.6 billion has been his ask. If he vetoes that, Congress has to override the veto.

“The votes won’t be there to override a presidential veto, and eventually this will get done,” King predicted.

Trump and the GOP-led House have already passed a budget but it does not include funding for the wall. Trump has signalled he is ready to allow the government to be shut down — which won’t affect the vast majority of Americans — to get his funding.

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