(National Sentinel) Academia & Activism: Legitimate “diversity of thought” and equality of ideas continue to die slow deaths on America’s college campuses, as one assistant professor at Clemson University has just proven.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon:

Bart Knijnenburg, who teaches in the School of Computing, allegedly wrote in recent posts, “I admire anyone who stands up against white supremacy. Violent or non-violent,” with the hashtag “#PunchNazis.”

He also denounced “All republicans” as responsible for alt-right violence and demanded they either “denounce” and “renounce” their GOP affiliation, “or admit you’re a racist.”

He labeled all Republicans as “racist scum,” as documented by Campus Reform.

Not all of the responses to this ass hat’s generalization of tens of millions of Americans was positive, as you might guess.

One individual wrote, “We must be careful not to generalize as this is arguably the root cause of the extreme right’s existence.

“I’ve always looked up to you, as my 1st yr mentor but also for passing on the idea to study abroad. But it saddens me a bit to see this coming from you,” the man added.

The university, of course, demurred.

John Gouch, assistant director/online news manager of the Clemson Newsstand and Mark Land, vice president for university relations, said in a statement, “The university is aware of remarks attributed to a Clemson faculty member, which appear to have come from his personal Facebook account. Those remarks are not reflective of the university’s views, and university leadership has consistently made it clear that expressions advocating violence or hatred have no place on this, or any, college campus.”

Make no mistake, this is the Left’s thinking, laid bare. Understand also that when your political opponents no longer view you as having any worth to society, there is no “reconciling” with them.

You can guess what happens next.

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