(National Sentinel) Sports: Normally, nothing good comes from NFL players “protesting” these days, because such demonstrations are usually tied to disrespecting our flag, delegitimizing our heritage or generally shitting on traditional America.

And all over myths, not reality.

But one player, Green Bay Packers defensive back Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, who is black, demonstrated in favor of support for the nation’s police officers.

As reported by Breitbart News:

Clinton-Dix wrote the names of the four officers on his shoes, and then tweeted a message of support to their families:

Two of the officers, Matt Baxter and Sam Howard of Kissimmee, Florida, were killed last Friday. Sergeant Debra Clayton of the Orlando Police Department was killed in December. Connected with that same incident, Orange County Sheriff’s Officer Norman Lewis was killed in a car accident while searching for Clayton’s killer.

Perhaps Clinton-Dix’s respect for law enforcement can be explained by his academic background.

According to Pro Football Talk, “Clinton-Dix was a criminal justice major during his three years playing football at Alabama and is continuing to work on his degree in the offseasons.”

This might not seem like much to people who aren’t football fans, but the NFL has strict uniform rules; violations generally result in fines hefty enough that most average folks don’t even have enough in savings to cover. Writing messages on shoes is a violation of those rules, though it’s not clear if Clinton-Dix was fined.

Nevertheless, this was classy — and very refreshing. We also wish him luck in obtaining his degree, the best of health while playing a rough sport, and thank him for showing the kind of respect that reflects the feelings of the vast majority of Americans who understand fully what a dangerous, thankless job being a police officer (especially these days) can be.

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