(National Sentinel) Secession: There’s a new effort in California some are dubbing “Calexit III” to remove the state from the U.S., and this time supporters are looking to use the Constitution in order to make it happen, the Sacramento Bee reports.

Supporters are gathering signatures from citizens to put a measure on the ballot calling for a constitutional convention, with the goal of changing the nation’s founding governing document to make it easier for states seeking an exit from the U.S. to be able to do so:

On Thursday, people unhappy with California’s place in the United States filed yet another proposed ballot measure that could lead to the Golden State striking out on its own.

This time, the goal is convening a U.S. constitutional convention to overhaul what proponents call a moldy national blueprint out of step with life in California.

The measure says a reworked Constitution should include a provision creating a “clear and reasonable path for states to achieve complete independence from the United States should any state so choose.” No state has become independent under the existing U.S. Constitution.

“The world has changed dramatically since 1787,” reads the preamble of the California Calls for a Constitutional Convention, or “Cal Con Con.”

A separate measure filed this spring seeks more autonomy, and possible independence. Call that effort Calexit II.

Various groups in the Golden State have been pushing for independence since President Donald J. Trump defeated Democrat challenger Hillary Clinton last November. And all groups have said pretty much the same thing: Most Californians have little in common with him or the nation that elected him (tens of millions of Americans said the same thing after Obama was elected to two terms and no doubt would have felt the same had Clinton won instead).

In an e-book released earlier this summer, National Sentinel editor-in-chief J. D. Heyes argued that the question of secession was not settled, politically, by the Civil War. Citing historical evidence and data, Heyes argued that secession was a concept discussed at the time of the nation’s founding and even considered shortly after the nation’s founding — by some New England states.

Plus, he argues, allowing states to leave the U.S. would be better than fighting another bloody war to keep them in.

“If there are those among us who truly believe they can no longer, in good conscience, co-exist, then they ought to be given the opportunity to go their own way, peacefully. This e-book charts that course, from the beginning of our history, through today’s growing unrest.”

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A Less Perfect Union- Making a Case for Secession

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