By J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief

(National Sentinel) Political chaos: When conservatives and Republicans lose elections, Left-wing extremists who belong to the Democratic Party tell us to suck it up, get over it and move on. We lost, they say, so get used to it and get in line.

When these same maggots lose elections to conservatives, they claim such results are not legitimate, not really representative of “the people,” and therefore do not have to be recognized.

That is especially true with Donald J. Trump’s historic victory in November, an electoral win that has turned the American Left into unhinged, mindless rage-a-holics.

The latest “outrage” of course stems from events which took place in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend, when admitted white supremacists clashed with admitted anarchists over the future of memorials erected in another era, by different Americans who held far different views and held different cultural mores.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of America has to suffer through the antics of competing morons, but one thing you should never forget is that to the Left at least, incidents like what took place in Charlottesville will be exploited to make America ungovernable.

Flashback — February 6: Someone calling themselves Chris Hedges wrote on far-Left web site Common Dreams under this headline: “Make America Ungovernable.” He said:

Donald Trump’s regime is rapidly reconfiguring the United States into an authoritarian state. All forms of dissent will soon be criminalized. Civil liberties will no longer exist. Corporate exploitation, through the abolition of regulations and laws, will be unimpeded. Global warming will accelerate. A repugnant nationalism, amplified by government propaganda, will promote bigotry and racism. Hate crimes will explode. New wars will be launched or expanded.

He ends with:

Now is the time not to cooperate. Now is the time to shut down the systems of power. Now is the time to resist. It is our last chance. The fanatics are moving with lightning speed. So should we.

Just…wow. And Trump supporters are called conspiracy nuts.

Christian Land wrote a few months later:

Polls show that perhaps 35% of Americans are committed to total “resistance” to President Trump and his administration, with millions of American citizens dedicating themselves to making America “ungovernable” during President Trump’s tenure. As of mid-week, Trump has the fewest number of confirmed cabinet appointees since George Washington.

Such vehement rejection of the people’s verdict at the polls and such widespread disregard of the tradition of the losing side being the loyal opposition until the next election cycle have caused great concern among American citizens across all positions on the political and socioeconomic spectrum.

And the ‘ungovernable’ strategy continues to this day. The Left in America is exactly like other Left-wing movements throughout history: It foments and then exploits societal divisions, often with violence, in order to force its will and take the reins of power, even when its candidates lose elections.

This is exactly what is happening in American. Right now. Today. Check it out; the ‘movement’ even has a web site.

Remember these images, from Oakland less than two weeks after Trump was inaugurated:

What we’re seeing play out — the divisions, the tension, the escalation of violence — is an extension of the Marxist Left’s goal to make American ungovernable so it can impose itself and its own form of authoritarianism — on all of us. These people don’t just want to govern, they want to rule and they refuse to be ruled by anyone with dissimilar political and social viewpoints, even if those other people legitimately won elections.

This will end badly if we don’t come together as a country and fight all forces of division, but especially those on the Left who have been saying for months now they refuse to accept Trump’s presidency and the Republican-led Congress’ moral authority to govern, and who use any excuse to push their agenda.

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