(National Sentinel) Culture wars: The nasty race-related business in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend has given the Left the impetus it sought to now purge the South of all its heritage, under the guise of hating the Confederacy and slavery.

Officials in Baltimore and Kentucky have announced new efforts to move or remove any and all figures related to the South’s heritage, even if they had only nominal connections to slavery, like Lee.

As reported by The Baltimore Sun:

Baltimore City Councilman Brandon Scott is formally calling for all four of Baltimore’s Confederate-era monuments to be torn down.

In a resolution being introduced Monday, Scott calls for “the immediate destruction of all Confederate Monuments in Baltimore.” In the resolution, he cites the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville over the weekend that left three dead.

“Monuments with ties to the dark side of America’s past have come under increased scrutiny in recent years with cities across the country debating on whether they should be removed,” Scott wrote. “Following the acts of domestic terrorism carried out by white supremacist terrorist groups in Charlottesville Virginia this past weekend cities must act decisively and immediately by removing these monuments. Baltimore has had more than enough time to think on the issue it’s time to act.”

The Washington Post noted:

Lexington, Ky., Mayor Jim Gray doesn’t have to watch footage of the violent protests in Charlottesville over the weekend to know how divisive Confederate monuments can be.

At family reunions and holiday dinners his whole life, he has heard about his great-uncles fighting each other in the Civil War’s Battle of Shiloh. Two were on the Union’s side. One fought for the Confederacy.

Now, the 63-year-old mayor, who is white, is bracing for more controversy — and potentially worse, given the unrest in Charlottesville — after he announced plans on Saturday to move two Confederate monuments from prominent places near a Lexington courthouse.

Lexington is turning the Fayette County courthouse into a center for visitors, complete with a restaurant, office space and a bourbon bar. The $30 million renovation is part of the city’s effort to position itself as a welcoming, progressive beacon of the new South, Gray said. Standing in the way of that are two statues that honor Confederate leaders — and that many see as a symbol of racism and white supremacy.

Yes — because nothing says “we’re progressive” like a bourbon bar.


Protesters screaming “take down the monuments” marched from a park in downtown Richmond (Virginia) to the beginning of historic Monument Avenue before surrounding the statue of J.E.B. Stuart and planting a flag in the mouth of the Confederate general’s horse Sunday night.

Super-heated political rhetoric combined with a natural hatred of white history and culture in all its forms is driving this new push to scrub the country of a major portion of its heritage — one that few Americans have even bothered to try to understand and fewer “mainstream media” outlets have attempted to accurately portray.

In the process, the Left gets to continue doing what it does best: Find a wedge issue and exploit it for its own political benefit, even if it means tearing the country asunder.

No one who is sane is pining for a return to slavery — not those who marched in support of a Confederate monument in Charlottesville nor anywhere else. But that’s how all of this is being portrayed. Division, not unity, is the game plan, and will continue to be until the Left has accomplished its hostile takeover of American society.

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