(National Sentinel) Climate change: When you’re a darling of the Left, you can do and say anything without being fact-checked or even expected to be honest. Such is the case with the Left’s continued tolerance of former Vice President Al Gore, whose dire warnings about ‘the end of the world as we know it’ thanks to ‘man-caused global warming/climate change,’ have continuously been proven false.

In fact, as noted by a recent study, the earth is cooler now than it was when Gore recieved his Nobel Prize in 2007, and one meteorologist is calling him over over that ‘inconvenient truth,’ The Blaze reports.

Respected meteorologist Joe Bastardi recently penned on op-ed hammering Gore for his awful climate predications made in his hit 2006 documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” while noting that today’s global temperatures are cooler than they were when Gore’s won the Nobel Peace Prize for his global warming work.

Bastardi’s study shows that while global temperatures were anomalously warm when Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize, they are less warm now and they were even less warm in the years between today and when Gore won the peace prize.

“Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize based on warnings of future events — the same future events that have not happened. The fact is that global temperatures from 2006-2007 while Gore was basking in the glory of his apocalypse-driven fame were warmer than they are now,” Bastardi wrote.

Bastardi, formerly with AccuWeather but now with a weather consulting firm, also pointed out that the phony Leftists who hand out Nobel prizes these days gave one to Gore over a woman, Irena Sendler, who helped save thousands of Jewish Poles during World War II.

“Al Gore’s new movie reminded me of what a travesty it was for him to even accept the Nobel Prize over what” Sendler did, Bastardi said.

The human-caused climate change/global warming hoax is, without question, the biggest fraud in human history.

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