(National Sentinel) Military readiness: The Commander-in-Chief doubled down on his defense of his decision to ban transgenders from military service on Thursday, saying he’s doing the military “a great favor.”

“It’s been a very difficult situation and I think I’m doing a lot of people a favor by coming out and just saying it,” President Donald J. Trump said in an interview with reporters.

He added that it was a “complicated” and “confusing” issue for the military, but sounded a satisfactory tone that he had dealt with the issue swiftly.

“I think I’m doing the military a great favor,” he continued.

One reporter asked the president if he felt like he was “betraying” the gay community — which seems a rather stupid question since transgendered individuals aren’t necessarily gay. But these “gotcha” questions are what pass for “important” and “necessary” among the out-of-touch media elite.

Trump didn’t bite, however, and said he has “great respect” for gay service members and added he appreciated their “great support” for him during his campaign. “The military is working on it now,” he said.

Trump announced his decision on Twitter in late July, sending the Alt-Left media, punditry and entertainment worlds into a lather.

And as expected, The New York Times reported on Wednesday that five transgender military members had decided to sue Trump over the ban, asserting that it was discriminatory.

Good luck with that; serving in the military, as any member will tell you, is a privilege, not a right.

And as President Obama demonstrated in lifting the ban on transgendered service, the commander-in-chief makes military policy.

That includes a president who now wants to reinstate it.

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