As expected, everyone is FREAKING OUT over Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ comment to North Korea

By J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief

(National SentinelForeign Policy: Donald J. Trump is not your normal, average politician — in case you were still wondering.

Most people aren’t, of course. They developed their opinions about Trump long ago, and now, everything he does only reinforces their viewpoints.

Trump has changed some minds, but almost none on the Left. Their view of Trump is the same as it’s always been: That he’s a caricature, a lout, a bigot, a racist and — after refusing to act like a little bitch in the face of new threats from the real unhinged leader of a country, Kim Jong-un of North Korea — a madman who “can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes.”

You may recall earlier this week when Trump threatened “fire and fury like the world’s never seen” in response to new nuclear threats from Pyongyang. To those of us who have consistently supported him, we applauded his decision to speak to a dangerous foreign leader in terms he can understand.

To the unhinged Left, however, those words were simply more proof that Trump — and not the little fat man with a bad haircut who has regularly threatened to attack us — is the real danger.

On cue, the Washington Post published a story Thursday echoing that far-Left irrationality with this headline: “With ‘fire and fury,’ Trump revives fears about his possession of nuclear codes.”

The story did include quotes from people on both sides — those emboldened by the president’s tough talk and those who are frightened of it — but the overall tone of the piece was clear: Trump is crazy, we all know it, and now he’s a loose cannon with nukes.

Sigh. If the Left is anything, it is consistent. This is the same story “progressive” journalists and pundits were telling about Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, when he also refused to be a little bitch who backed down from the big Soviet bear. Conservative writer and author Cal Thomas, commenting on Hillary Clinton’s “recycled speech” in accepting the Democratic Party presidential nomination last year, wrote:

The same was said about Ronald Reagan in 1980. Democrats called him a “cowboy” who might blow up the world. Instead, he rebuilt America’s military, as Trump has promised to do, and helped bring down the Soviet Union. Can Hillary be trusted with classified documents?

Then of course, there was that time that her president husband, Bill, actually lost the nuclear codes, and didn’t bother to tell anyone.

So none of this is “new” news, per se; it’s just the Left being the Left — predictable, dishonest, and wrong.

What should Trump have said and done, you ask? Well, according to the establishment types in D.C., Trump the rube should shut up and let the professional diplomats handle this. Because you know, just sitting down and rationally talking to a madman who is likely certifiably insane is the way ‘things are done’ when dealing with such people.

Like when Clinton and his people made their “nuclear deal” with North Korea in 1994. Remember? That “Agreed Framework” was sold as a diplomatic home run; North Korea began violating it almost immediately, telling the Bush administration in 2002 that it possessed a uranium enrichment program it was not supposed to have under the agreement.

Now here we are, 20-odd years later, and North Korea is not testing but building nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. Oh, and is threatening to use them — against us.

The same thinking gave us the Iran nuclear “deal” too, by the way. I’ll just leave that there.

What should Trump do — beg them to play nice? Send more diplomats? Ask for forgiveness for being leader of the free world? Ignore U.S. security commitments to allies Japan and South Korea?

Or tell the little sum-bitch running North Korea if he doesn’t knock off the bullshit, the president of the United States will protect and defend the American people by lighting his ass up?

The Left seems to think the former is the proper course, apparently.

But rational, thinking Americans who understand it takes a strong leader to lead a strong country see Trump’s defiance of bitch-dom as not only the right move, but a move that is long overdue.

The United States possesses enough power to destroy North Korea 1,000 times over; why would any American think the president — any president — should project weakness instead? And why would anyone want to leave this situation to the same Ivy League idiots whose “diplomacy” got us into this mess to begin with?

It’s a dangerous world out there. We can’t afford to be weak or look weak. Trump instinctively knows this. And while his bellicose warnings to a little man with a little country may scare the bejesus out of the Left-wing, Trump-hating snowflakes at the Post, real Americans understand we need a strong, confident leader who isn’t afraid to stand up to global bullies, idiots and even great powers who constantly seek to exploit weakness.

Any serious practitioner of foreign policy and diplomacy knows you never negotiate from a position of weakness. The jackals at the Post and every State Department weenie recoiling at Trump’s boldness have either forgotten that golden rule or never knew and understood it in the first place.

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Brad Scofield
Brad Scofield

MSN Fake News think they have silenced us by shutting down commenting at their sites. In other words ; what you read is the WAY IT IS. Sorry buttheads, you are WRONG AGAIN, cause all we are doing is boycotting your stupid website. I love Donald so much ; we finally have a sane and rational man in the White House. If fat boy wants to play, he’d better be prepared to LOSE, cause the US of A is gonna lay that place WASTE. On a different note, take a step back and ask “What purpose and to whom does… Read more »

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