(National Sentinel) Immigration: Some political observers, analysts, and pundits believe Donald J. Trump managed to win the presidency based on a small core of issues — among them, his desire to implement “America first” immigration reform.

Last week Trump joined two U.S. senators, Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Purdue of Georgia, to introduce the RAISE Act, a true immigration reform measure that would implement a merit-based points system and require new immigrants to learn English, among other things.

This is a piece of legislation that Americans overwhelmingly support. As reported by the Washington Times:

Americans generally favor a more selective legal immigration system that would reward those who speak English and those who bring desired skills to the U.S., according to a new poll released Wednesday that could boost the new immigration bill President Trump is backing.

The Morning Consult/Politico poll found 62 percent support for giving would-be immigrants who can speak English a leg up, and found 61 percent support for creating a point-based system to select new employer-based immigrants.

Some 54 percent also said they want the government to weigh an immigrant’s need for taxpayer assistance in deciding whether to admit someone.

Cutting the actual total number of legal immigrants from 1.1 million a year to about 500,000 a year is more controversial, with a plurality of 48 percent supporting it and 39 percent opposing it.

And yet, for some reason, too many in Congress are pronouncing this legislation dead on arrival. In fact, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., actually said there is no way this legislation passes the Senate.

“That bill’s not going to pass,” told CBS 4 in an interview Sunday. “I think the White House knows that you don’t have 60 votes for that in the Senate.”

The question then becomes, “Why not?” Because either we have a representative form of government — or we don’t.

It’s looking more and more like we don’t, especially when it comes to issues that most Americans back, regardless of party. Immigration reform, like getting rid of Obamacare’s onerous rate-hiking rules, is one of those issues.

Trump has his work cut out for him, legislatively. He won’t ever get Democrats to back anything he wants, and he’s having a much harder time than he should be having getting members of his own party on board his agenda.

Still, politicians like “safe” and this piece of legislation looks popular enough that a majority of them may actually be ‘brave enough’ to sign on.

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