(National Sentinel) Election 2018: To hear the Left-wing establishment media tell it, President Donald J. Trump is the most unpopular chief executive ever, and what’s more, he’s getting even more unpopular by the day.

So low is Trump’s popularity that new “generic polling” shows the Republican Party down by 14 points to Democrats.

The Democratic wave election in 2018 is coming!

Or so we’re told.

Only, Trump’s support remains very high in areas of the country that he won (by 74 electoral votes, by the way).

As noted by Eddie Zipperer, an assistant professor of political science at Georgia Military College and a regular LifeZette contributor who correctly predicted a Trump electoral victory, the president and Republicans are not nearly in the kind of trouble these lying liars in the “mainstream” media are making them out to be:

 If today were Election Day 2018, Republicans would win the Senate hands down, and they would stand a more-than-excellent chance of maintaining their majority in the House of Representatives.

Before the 2016 election, Democrats and the mainstream media kept telling us that Trump would lose because leftist policies are super-popular and everyone hates Donald Trump. Trump won by 74 electoral votes. Oops! Next, they told us that Democrats would win special elections because leftist policies are super-popular and everyone hates Donald Trump. Democrats went zero for five in special elections. Oops! Last week, leftist policies were so super-popular that Democrats lost a governorship without any election at all, when West Virginia governor Jim Justice decided to defect to the winning team. Oops!

He goes on to note that the mistake made by the Left-wing media and their polling apparatuses was that they believed a majority of voters would also translate into a majority of electoral votes. Hillary Clinton did indeed win the popular vote — which is not how we elect presidents. But even so, she won lopsided victories in a few overwhelmingly Left-wing metropolises; when all the votes were counted in all electoral districts, Trump won.

Zipperer says these same media oafs still don’t understand their polling and electoral biases:

The media are making the 2016 mistake all over again. The nationwide polling data weren’t “wrong” in the 2016 election, but they were geographically homogenous — as though a four-million-vote victory in California is worth more than a one-vote victory. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, it’s not.

Clinton won the popular vote because she won lopsided victories in the blue areas on the map — a worthless surplus of votes in high-population areas like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. In that blue area, anti-Trump disparity still exists, and it’s dragging down Trump’s nationwide approval rating.

Nationwide, Gallup has Trump approval at 37 percent, but that’s because people in blue areas — the tiny leftist bubbles on the big red election map — disapprove by lopsided margins. You won’t hear this on CNN (because it’s not a poem), but approval of President Trump actually remains shockingly high in red areas.

He points out that the Democratic-leaning media projected President Obama’s respectable national approval rating of 52 percent onto Hillary, but were wrong in doing so because in the mostly red states that Trump carried, his approval was something more like 40 percent (and right now, Trump’s is 50 percent):

That means 56 percent of the 435 congressional districts are located in a 30-state land where Trump’s approval rating is eight points higher than a very popular iteration of Obama.

What about traditional midterm losses for the party in power?

The other argument — the slightly better argument — for why Republicans will lose the House of Representatives in 2018 is that the president’s party almost always loses seats in the midterms, so it must be extra-true for President Trump’s party.

Historically, the Democrats’ number-one best 2018 midterm election weapon would be Republican complacency. Typically, when a party is in power, its voters become complacent therefore less enthusiastic, and therefore less likely to vote in midterm elections. However, that isn’t happening this time. The special elections show that complacency isn’t setting in. Why not? Because of the media and the Democrats’ insane overreach.

The constant Trump hate and “Russian collision!” hoax come to mind. “Ironically (and unwisely), Democrats and the mainstream media are standing in the way of Republican complacency. Their anti-Trump overreach is counterproductive to their electoral goals. And, right now, it’s the glue holding together a Republican party that might have imploded without the unifying cause of defeating leftist nonsense,” Zipperer says.

He also notes that Democratic senators have to defend 10 seats in red states, and that the odds are better than average at least some of them will fall to Republicans.

Trump and the GOP are unpopular? Not nearly so much as we’re being told by the same purveyors of fake news and fake polling data so prevalent last year.

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