(National Sentinel) Bureaucracy: Former Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz told Fox News Tuesday that the “Deep State” was working overtime to undermine President Donald J. Trump in an attempt to prevent him from restructuring the federal government.

Arctic Monsoon Camping GearHe also said the Department of Justice needed to move faster to crack down on all of the illegal leaking of sensitive and classified information flowing out of various intelligence and government bureaucracies.

“They need to start putting people in handcuffs,” he told the “Fox & Friends” program. “The deputy attorney general [Rod Rosenstein] has no credibility on this, he is doing a press conference, most people don’t understand there are 72 inspectors general that have 13,000 employees. There are 500 inspectors general in just the Department of Justice. Report after report after report, when I was chairing [the House Oversight Committee], we read reports making criminal referrals to the Department of Justice and they don’t prosecute these people.

“We could sit here all day long, look at people in the past, federal employees, violated the law documented by the inspector general, go put them in handcuffs we’ll get some credibility,” he added.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade noted that someone just leaked a climate change report to The New York Times making yet another dire prediction about the end of the world (like all the previous predictions that haven’t come true and won’t ever come true).

“The deep state does not like the fact that Donald Trump is trying to change the trajectory of the federal government in a place more compatible with what the American people want,” Chaffetz explained. “That’s what they don’t understand. That is why Republicans were so successful, you even have the governor of West Virginia switching parties. The liberals, their minds are exploding.”

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