(National Sentinel) Judicial Branch: Perhaps stung by earlier federal court decisions by liberal activist judges regarding his travel bans, President Donald J. Trump is on pace to appoint and have seated more federal court nominees than either Presidents George W. Bush or Barack Obama at this point in their terms.

As Fox News reported, Trump has had four lower court judges and one Supreme Court pick confirmed by the Senate. The latest came this week:

Most recently, Alabama lawyer Kevin Christopher Newsom was confirmed to a seat on the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, on a 66-31 vote, with 16 Democrats joining the GOP on the affirmative side, the Washington Times reported.

Newsom was the third Trump pick for circuit judge to be approved so far. Combined with one district judge and the Supreme Court appointment of Neil Gorsuch, the Trump administration and the Republican-led Senate are well ahead of the normal pace for judicial approvals.

“The Trump administration has moved faster on filling judicial vacancies compared to the past administrations, thanks to its commitment to working with and extensively consulting all senators, regardless of political affiliation, to select high-caliber nominees,” Kelly Love, a White House spokesperson, told the newspaper.

Obama had no judges confirmed during his first six months at the White House and it took him until November 2009 to get three circuit nominees approved by the Senate. Bush didn’t have three picks — one circuit judge and two district judges — confirmed until August of his first term.

Trump’s effort to reshape the lower courts began in earnest in May, when he nominated 10 people for court vacancies that observers at the time described as his “third wave of federal judicial appointments.”

As evidenced by the atrocious rulings from Left-wing judges appointed by Obama, Trump’s got his work cut out for him in filling federal court vacancies.

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