(National Sentinel) The Swamp: It is plain to see for anyone willing to be honest that special counsel Robert Mueller is gunning for the president of the United States.

As reported by The Daily Caller, Mueller has hired yet another lawyer for his team of Democratic-leaning attorneys — and like before, this one is also a donor to Democratic politicians and causes.

Eight confirmed Democratic donors are now working for special counsel Robert Mueller’s legal team with the new addition of Greg Andres.

Reuters reported that Andres, who most recently worked as white collar defense attorney for the New York firm Davis Polk, will be joining Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference.

A search of federal election records shows that Andres has donated at least a total of $3700 to federal Democratic candidates, including $2700 to New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in March 2017.

The Daily Caller previously reported that the seven other Democratic attorneys working with Mueller have donated a little over $60,700 to Democratic campaigns.

Andres also has another Democratic connection; President Obama nominated his wife, Ronnie Abrams, to the federal bench in Manhattan in 2011; the Senate confirmed her.

And wouldn’t you know it, she was recommended for her post by [wait for it] Gillibrand.

There’s more, as The Daily Caller noted:

Abrams was also reportedly assigned to a case in which a watchdog group is claiming President Trump has violated the Constitution because his hotels do business with foreign governments. She has since recused herself from this case.

Boy does this swamp stink. And it’s incestuous as hell too, isn’t it?

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