(National Sentinel) Pile-on: President Donald J. Trump handily won the state of Arizona with 48.1 percent of the vote, but you wouldn’t know it judging by the #nevertrump attitude of both GOP senators.

John McCain, who was pissing all over Trump since before the eventual GOP nominee insulted his Vietnam service, has been a perpetual critic of the president, even going the extra mile last week to tank a health care reform effort while hundreds of thousands of his own citizens — and millions of Americans nationwide — continue to suffer economically and otherwise under the crushing weight of Obamacare. [Hey John — good thing you avoided prison for your role in the Keating Five savings-and-loan scandal, huh?]

Now comes Arizona’s other GOP senator, Jeff Flake, who — in a new book — trashes both party and Trump. As The Blaze notes:

Flake, author of “The Conscience of a Conservative: A Rejection of Destructive Politics and a Return to Principle” — a reference to Arizona GOP Sen. Barry Goldwater’s 1960 book “Conscience of a Conservative” — wrote that the country has entered “one of the more reckless periods of politics in our history,” according to the passage posted by Politico on Monday.

“Who could blame the people who felt abandoned and ignored by the major parties for reaching in despair for a candidate who offered oversimplified answers to infinitely complex questions and managed to entertain them in the process? With hindsight, it is clear that we all but ensured the rise of Donald Trump,” Flake wrote.

He also claims the GOP is “in denial” about Trump, despite the fact that the former real estate mogul beat the asses off of 16 other Republicans to win the nomination of a party who also didn’t think he could win the general election.

Well, gosh, where to start? Let’s go with the obvious: We can’t remember the last time Flake behaved like a conservative. He has an overall 53 percent rating from Conservative Review — which, we guess, is better than McCain’s 33 percent rating, but hell, if half the time you’re not a conservative, then you can’t claim to be one all of the time.

In fact, CR — which knows a thing or two about what it means to really be conservative, given that the media organization is now managed by constitutionalist author Mark Levin — put Flake on its “Top 25 RINOs” list.

So bad is he and his #trumphate that the White House is reportedly actively courting primary challengers for his seat.

Good. Because getting rid of him should be a priority — for the president, whom Flake refused to support (and remember, Trump ran as a Republican, not as something else) AND for the people of Arizona, who deserve better.

McCain’s brain cancer means he’s out; fine. But Flake needs to be gone as well, as it turns out, he’s one of the more vulnerable Republicans in the 2018 election cycle.

And for the record, Trump has assembled the most conservative presidential administration since even before Ronald Reagan — so if Flake was sincere about his “conservative” bona fides, why isn’t he on board the Trump Train?

We don’t need more Democrats in Congress and especially the Senate. We do need genuine conservative Republicans, and Red State Arizona could do much better in this regard by sending one to replace McCain, the poster child for term limits, and #nevertrumper Flake, who has regularly betrayed his constituents and his party.

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