(National Sentinel) Politics: A new survey from the Pew Research Center finds that the majority of Americans don’t view Donald J. Trump or Republicans as authoritarians, but rather Democrats.

As reported by Breitbart News, the survey sampling of 2,504 adults aged 18 or older,  taken over the summer, found that 61 percent of those queried saw the Democratic Party as being far too government-centered, thinking that only Washington, not individuals or even local governments, is capable of solving the nation’s problems.

What was interesting about the survey is that sizeable percentages of people describing themselves as Democrats or liberals also thought their party was too government-centric, Breitbart noted:

Thirty-eight percent of self-identified “liberals” agreed with the statement that the Democratic Party “too often sees government as the only way to solve problems,” while 44 percent of Democrats subscribed to that view.

Lifestraw Water FilterNaturally, the majority of those surveyed who identified as Republicans also saw the Democratic Party as favoring big government first, last and always, “with 83 percent voicing their agreement with the above statement and a full 87 percent of college-educated Republicans agreeing,” the web site noted.

Even liberal-leaning Republicans (77 percent) thought so.

Political observers believe that if Democrats regain control over the levers of power in the nation’s capital, they will use it to continue expanding and centralizing authority in D.C.

“Limited government, and reliance on the subjectivity of society and the action of mediating institutions in order to sustain it, has been an elusive goal in America,” Breitbart noted — though Trump is certainly moving the needle back that way.

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