(National Sentinel) Culture: That gnawing feeling in the back of your mind that says today’s youth are too spoiled and seem to think everyone owes them something is spot-on, according to new psychological research.

Outdoor GearAs noted by Psychology Today, great numbers of American youth have huge entitlement complexes stemming from an ingrained belief they are better than other people and thus deserving of…more.

The magazine reported that “examples of entitlement range from the disregard of rules, freeloading, causing inconveniences and like to assume the role of leader when working in groups,” Indy100 noted.

“So called Millennials, who were born roughly between 1988 and 1994, tend to have this characteristic as a 2016 study found,” the site noted. In all, people of that age group were 25 percent more inclined to feel entitled than people in the 40-60 age group, and 50 percent more than people older than 60, showing a major generational swing.

“At extreme levels, entitlement is a toxic narcissistic trait, repeatedly exposing people to the risk of feeling frustrated, unhappy and disappointed with life,” said Dr. Joshua Grubbs, leader of the research. Often times, life, health,

“Often times, life, health, aging and the social world don’t treat us as well as we’d like,” he added. “Confronting these limitations is especially threatening to an entitled person because it violates their worldview of self-superiority.”

Hence, they tend to get angry and lash out when they don’t get their way.

Prof. Julie Exline, who also worked on the study, noted, “The entire mindset pits someone against other people. When people think that they should have everything they want — often for nothing — it comes at the cost of relationships with others and, ultimately, their own happiness.”

Notes Indy100:

Psychology Today also offers some other alternatives to solving the problem.

These including retrospectively reflecting on annoying incidents from someone else’s perspective, promote others achievements and stop justifying things to yourself that are wrong.

Yeah, good luck with getting selfish, self-centered little so-and-so’s to look at anyone else’s perspective, when they’ve been conditioned their whole life by parents and pop culture to have the worldview they currently espouse.

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